Tuesday, 31 December 2019

A Loyal Address:

HM Queen of Scots
Buckingham Palace

January 2020


As we enter the third decade of the 21st Century and you come close to completing your 7th decade as Queen of Scots I ask you to 'tak tent' of this Scot's concerns and petition.

I understand the night before you were crowned Queen of England, her Colonies and Commonwealth you took the oath as required by the "Claim of Right" of the Scottish Parliament (1689) before the Lord Lyon, the Lord Advocate of Scotland and the Moderator of the Church of Scotland as representatives of the "Thrie Estaites". The oath requires one main obligation of your majesty which is to respect the considered will of the sovereign people of Scotland (through whom you hold the Crown of Scotland) and protect their sovereign rights from tyrannical politicians and aggressors who may seek to circumvent their ultimate sovereign authority.

It is in this matter I wish to humbly draw your attention.

You can not fail to be aware that in the recent referendum on exiting the European Union the Scots expressed their sovereign will to remain as part of the European Union nor you can not be aware the Scots have sent a majority of SNP MP's once more to the Union Parliament at Westminster as a clear expression of their considered will to hold a further referendum on whether it is their considered will to exit the current parliamentary union between Scotland and England (as provided for in the original Treaty of Union).

Mrs Thatcher stated " Scotland need only send a majority of SNP MPs to gain their independence".

The current Prime Minister recently stated, "No country can be forced to remain in a union against its will".

Yet on both counts your Prime Minister seeks to refuse Scotland the right to choose its own destiny.

Scots Law does not recognise the solely English Law concept of the "Crown in Parliament" which your Prime Minister claims to give him the right to ignore the considered will of the people of Scotland on both the matter of the EU and the matter of a new referendum on terminating the UK Parliamentary Union.

Your oath to the sovereign people of Scotland requires you to oppose such a claim by your Prime Minister as it is tyrannical, aggressive, is against the considered will of the people of Scotland and is a threat to their sovereign rights deponed and established by the 1698 Claim of Right of the Scottish Parliament which "remains in law", by which you hold your regnal title over Scotland and which is for "all time" in accordance with the Treaty of Union.

Your failure to undertake this duty of care to your Scottish subjects, coupled with the continuing tyrannical attitude of your Prime Minister may force me and others who are your subjects and of similar mind, to petition the Court of Session to seek your removal as Queen of Scots on the basis you have failed in your solemn oath as Queen of Scots to the sovereign people of Scotland, namely, to protect our sovereign rights.

I am, yours faithfully,