Tuesday, 19 November 2019

ITV Debate; debate?

Many angry column and blog inches have been written about the affront to Scotland over the ITV "Debate" only featuring two of the weakest Labour and Tory Party Leaders in my life time, Worzel Gummage Corbyn  and Bawjaws Johnson.

The British (English, Anglo/Scot) Establishment is feeling the heat. Their chosen man, Bawjaws, has too many skeletons in his closet, so many the door keeps bursting open as another one escapes to reveal another sexual escapade, corruption, buying of politicians and political favours (home and abroad) or sheer incompetence - wasting millions of tax payers cash, the serial failure to help folk in Yorkshire effected by flooding.

The last thing the British Establishment could deal with is either Ian Blackford or Nicola Sturgeon pointing up the serial failures of the Westminster Government's handling of health and welfare in England. So Bawjaws and Worzel it must be while those watching it will be entertained or not, by the sight of two dead sheep savaging each other with all the usual lies and bullshit they know they do not believe will ever be allowed to happen if they even become Prime Minister.

The other angle is this: Labour and the Conservatives have given up on Scotland.

Their tacticians know that in Scotland both are minority parties, their Scottish polling figures are most likely showing their Unionist vote is melting away in the hot blast of Brexit and one too many insults. Both of their branches in Scotland are diseased and wilting away, their Branch Managers increasingly out of touch to the extent they are embarrassing in their constant "SNP Baaad" bleating, the "crying wolf" the average Scots punter no longer listens to.

Take Carlaw's "SNP Health Baad" over 18% of cancer patients not being seen with in six weeks.  Forget for a moment the reality that an amazing 82% were and ask why could this be?

As a Quality Assurance consultant who worked in health care where would I look to see how this 18% figure is derived?

Here's a wee list of potential causes:
  • Patients not showing for their appointment (usually around 10% of appointments)
  • Staff sickness or unavailability; hospital / pathology departments / radiology
  • Equipment breakdowns
Based on my own knowledge of health care; 8% will be from factors other than patients, so in terms of ability to meet patients expectation and needs the figure is 92% effective, a level of delivery most service based organisations would be more than happy to run at.

A very different comparison if you are Yoplait and ditching 8% of all the yogurt being produced across Europe, that is not good for your bottom line, but the point is Quality Assurance looks at sector norms and expectations. NHS Scotland's figures of staff sickness (5.4%) are slightly lower than the UK Civil Service (5.6%) and around the UK national average across all sectors.

Basically Carlaw is talking total crap yelling about NHS targets, targets are to be aimed for, politicians always forget this in their desire to have a rant.

So down in Londonstan the Tory and Labour Parties voter algorithms are telling them to forget Scotland where their support is simply a declining rump. This being the case, a debate only between Bawjaws and Gummage makes perfect sense to them because the English swing vote is the only one that counts.

This leaves only one answer, Labour and the Conservatives have given up on Scotland in expectation of SNP dominance in Scotland after December 12th. It is tantamount to them accepting Scottish independence is now inevitable.

The message from the Tories and Labour over the ITV Debate is "Scotland is not worth the effort, it is already gone" while they focus on the confused little Englander vote, spinning the usual crap in the hopes it will buy them some time.