Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mad Jock McMad's Petition to Westminster

To those whom it may concern:

This petition is to request that the Parliament at Westminster requests a plebiscite on the Conservative Party’s proposed amendment to the Scotland Bill based on the flawed Calman consultation and report which disenfranchised over 60% of the Scottish Electorate through its refusal to look at and recommend their expressed wish for Full Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland.

This petition questions the right of politicians elected by a flawed and inequitable system to Westminster where the vote of Scottish MPs representing the sovereign Scottish People  is ineffective as they are a distinct minority in a parliament representing predominantly English Constituencies ; having a defacto ‘Viceroy’ arrogantly deeming what is the ‘settled will of the sovereign Scottish People’, when the two partners in coalition, combined, have a clear minority of Westminster vote share in Scotland.

This petition requires that the people of Scotland are asked, in a plebiscite by May 2011, the three core questions that Calman’s Report avoided:

1.       Do they wish the status quo to be maintained
2.       Do they wish the proposed  Conservative amendments to the Scotland Bill to go forward
3.       Do they wish the Scottish Parliament to gain full fiscal autonomy over the sovereign people of Scotland, its lands, resources and Crown Estates and all taxable incomes from these resources

It is my understanding that any failure to hold such a plebiscite prior to these ill thought and repressive amendments to the Scotland Bill would be a clear breech of the UN Charter on Human rights by a signatory and member of the Permanent Council.

Scotland after the Union remained a sovereign nation with its own laws, education, religious practice, health system, social system, culture, regal regalia and language and as such can not be dismissed as simply being a ‘region’ of the UK. The Scottish Parliament was only suspended when it rose in 1707 and it was made clear by the Presiding Officer in 1999 that the Scottish Parliament was reconvened as Scotland’s sovereign parliament not withstanding the elements of the ‘Scotland Act 1999’ that are supposed to prevent this constitutional anomaly.

We, the petitioners, for all these reasons and to prevent an unpleasant, fractious or acrimonious split between the sovereign nations of England and Scotland request that Westminster gives the Scottish People a plebiscite on the three core questions above with out any further delay and acts equally rapidly to implement the democratic decision of the sovereign Scottish People there after.

Friends – I throw my proposed petition open to further discussion and amendment prior to my intention of posting to the Westminster Petition site on the 7th of January 2011and there after will seek your support in advertising the petition and seeking signatories to exceed the 100,000 required to force its consideration by Westminster.

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