Thursday, 7 June 2012

Moribund Milliband

Moribund's speech today to save the 'UK from Darth Eck' is an example of the classic psychological phenomenon of projection by the Westminster ruling class. Projection is where you place your own faults and failings on others and blame them for the outcomes.

Milliband is not talking to Scotland he is talking about the failure of Westminster to address the increasing desire in Scotland for full fiscal autonomy (routine preference of 60+% of Scots in opinion polls) and the very option Westminster is not willing to discuss in any shape or form (Westminster says it must be a yes / no question).
If he wants to widen the debate just where is the Westminster policy to create a Scottish Oil fund? Where is
the Westminster policy to promote inward investment for renewables in Scotland and rationalise National Grid charges so Scottish generators no longer subsidise the costs of power hungry London and the SE?  Where are the Westminster policies to protect Scotland's centre left political view point on social democracy and counteract the reason that more Scots are voting SNP?  The 2012 council elections saw a further 5% swing from New Labour to the SNP in Glasgow and a further increase in the number of SNP councillors over New Labour overall, while Alex Salmond's approval rating is ten's of points ahead either Cameron or Milliband -  all clearly the signs of an SNP Government 'running out of steam' as BBC Scotland, The Scotsman or Daily Record report it.

You see, from where I am sitting Westminster is devoid of any policies that will even begin to address the people of Scotland's stated political wishes and ultimately, Westminster's neo-liberal politics and economic policies, are the biggest threat to Scotland's social democratic traditions and will be the main driver for the Yes to independence vote.

The latest wheeze to stop the Yes to Independence campaign is to wheel out Charles Kennedy but Charles and his party have long supported the concept of home rule for the constituent parts and a federal UK. In fact the Libdems are currently dusting off the 1911 Home Rule Bill for yet another airing, according to Menzies Campbell - who well have been involved in writing the original document for all I know or care.

The message journalists and politicians in the Westminster bubble just do not understand in their personality over substance view of politics is the 'Yes vote' is not about Alex Salmond, it is not even about the SNP - it is about the growing realisation across the political spectrum, in Scotland, that the current political union in the UK is not working, a reality highlighted by the neo-liberal policies New Labour and the Tories and rejected by Scots of all stripes.

Milliband's patronising of the Scots with yet another 'too small, too poor, too stupid' speech makes the work of the Yes camp just that bit easier and highlights just how out of touch New Labour is with the wishes of the Scottish people.

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