Monday, 17 December 2012

It's just not funny ...

What can only be described as a massacre of children in the USA, an estimated 30,000 more UK citizens descend into fuel poverty, UK disabled are being forced to work by flawed testing and ATOS' need to make a profit, children are blown to pieces in Damascus by the Syrian Air Force, famine stalks Africa - again; yet Nic Clegg gets BBC air time saying he is going to stop free bus passes for English millionaire pensioners while in the background his chancellor appears to have ripped off the British taxpayer (again) to the tune of nearly half a million pounds by house flipping and his prime minister is throwing his toys out the pram over Europe to try to stop Tory zenophobes from deserting to UKIP.

Ho, ho ..... bloody ho, indeed!

Be of good cheer .... just why?

Much as I wish Scotland was not part of this blighted and failed UK Union we are still part and, whether we like it or not, Clegg, Cameron, Osbourne, Milliband and the rest are our government. We can duck the issue by saying, 'Ah but - we did not vote for them.' but they represent the current Union's political power and our national government in the eyes of the world. Cue mass hand-wringing.

I am as frustrated over this state of affairs as anyone else but I am not willing to hide behind the 'We'll vote yes in 2014' paper bag. What happens if it comes to the worst and Scotland says 'No' and we remain lumbered with the Westminster morass and cesspit as our national government?

As much as I support the Yes campaign, its positive message and unpicking of the Unionist smears and fears campaign it makes sense over the next two years to keep the pressure on our MPs at Westminster in a manner we have never achieved, mainly through our own previous indifference. It is not enough, even, to let SNP MP's off the hook; as was seen in the arrogant address to the SNP Conference by Angus Robertson, who was close to making an assumption too far and losing the vote.

We need to pay attention to the goings on in Westminster as never before and on behalf of all UK citizens we must make our views known to the Scottish MPs that the intended slash and burn of the NHS model across the UK and the Welfare provision must stop now. It is the least we can do to help our real neighbours in England and Wales.

I am not sure if I would have enough energy for a letter a day like Keith Ordinary Guy from Bath or Katy Manchant but we must take some action. For me, annoying my local Labour MP once a month will be fine, even better if another thousand a month contacted him - he is, after all deputy defence shaddow, with the emphasis on shaddow, and could do with being highly annoyed and irritated.

How about it? Are you up for an approach to the problem of an unrepresentative Westminster with a much soft rain loosens the Unionist marbles?

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