Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Syria just say - NO! - Westminster.

Let us be very clear what getting involved in Syria is about:

  1. It is not about protecting civilians because all cruise missiles will do is increase civilian casualties directly and through destruction of infra-structure.

  2. It is not about a supposed 'gas attack' because thousands of Syrian civilians have already been killed by Assad and his predecessors so another 300 is, in effect, neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things.

  3. It can only be about the USA and Russia's current arm wrestle over access to Middle East Oil reserves, by proxy, in Syria.

In other words Syria is about profits for Wall Street, Exxon and Halliburtons just as it was in Iraq. The supposed 'gas attack' is because this time around the US and UK Governments know we will not buy the 'dodgy dossier' gig.

If it was not over oil the West would simply stand back and watch, just as they have done across Africa, in Myamar, Pol Pot and on countless other occasions. Leave this up to the Arab League to sort out. I do not see any other NATO member rushing to send troops or bomb Syria so let us leave this nasty scab alone and not start picking at it we have enough problems in the UK that are being ignored.

If Milliband was not simply another Blair clone (as is his mate 'Dave') then he would oppose this intervention but Nu Blu Labour will look at its home county focus groups and decide if it voted as it should, against the escalation of this conflict, it would lose 'Home County' votes and a chance to get their gilded backsides on 'Ministerial chairs' in Whitehall.

In effect money the current government says we do not have to operate a competent benefits and health care system in the UK will be urinated up against the wall in the costly purchase of military toys from the USA. In the mean time the UK media outlets will continue to ignore the significant numbers of UK citizens taking their own lives as a result of the current Government policy on benefits.

The ultimate logic of the 'We must get involved in Syria to save civilians' argument  for 'war on Syria' is equally applicable to a 'war against Westminster' as UK civilians are dying unnecessarily courtesy of deliberate UK Government policy.

Now, how do we get the RN to lob the odd cruise missile into Downing Street?

Yesterday I wrote about my concerns about being lead up the garden path by the 'gas attack' line of persuasion. I chatted to an old colleague who was an NBCD Officer for the Army of the Rhine and he is equally skeptical that Sarin was used in Damascus for the same reasons: not high enough casualties given the population density and the video of so-called 'survivors'. We both agreed that the agent used was a less toxic and active nerve or other agent. He was equally surprised to see the so-called UN expert tampering with the suspected casing of a nerve agent projectile with out full NBCD kit or a respirator on, in the BBC clip. This again raises our suspicions the agent is not Sarin and the UN 'experts' already know that. Further the BBC's announcement of Israeli intelligence's involvement in finding 'evidence' of the 'gas attack' should raise alarm bells as it is clear Mossad must be operating within the two opposition sides to be able to gain such information - as I suggested yesterday.

I remain convinced that all is not what it appears to be and I become less of a tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy nut as more objective evidence to support my supposition appears.

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