Monday, 16 September 2013

There's worm at the bottom of my garden ....

.... And it is eating away at my sense of peace and calm.

  • I live trying to do more good than harm, 
  • I walk away from angry people because usually as they are angry with themselves
  • I recognise I am the only person who lets me be happy
  • I believe I am an optimist and seek to see the best in everyone
  • I think I can be a good listener to others and have empathy
The worm getting at me is this:

Just why do so many people who claim to vote 'No' to independence respond to any criticism of Westminster and the Union by claiming it is 'anti-English'. They instantly turn me into a plaster saint whose head flies off at the slightest touch, just a step away from instantaneous combustion, who has the sudden urge to go round to their house and beat their head against a wall in a vain attempt to get them to realise just what twaddle they are coming up with and why can they not admit they are either ignorant of the facts or simply scared shitless. Luckily bullet point two cuts in and I walk away from myself, switch off the computer and go off and do anything else - chainsawing and splitting logs was today's option and a good use of the pent up energy of unreleased anger.

Later on today I came back woke the computer up and scanned what is going on and there on a thread was another idiot telling everyone why Scotland would go arse over tit without England and anyone who disagreed with them was just an English hater and a racist.

The worm started chewing at my insides, this person was actually saying we were better off being screwed over by a Westminster politic that does not give a fig for Scotland and does not even represent the people of Scotland's wishes for a fair and decent country, let alone a health service or a safe level of benefit cover for the most vulnerable in Scotland. I could feel the tension rising as the nagging pain of cervical strain became the acute pain in the region of my eighth thoracic vertebrae and my diaphragm became more and more rigid.

I have military training in the use of small arms, rifles and GPMG's. I know how to throw a hand grenade and to infiltrate enemy positions - I did the All Arms Course at RM Lympstone. It was pitch dark so chain sawing and log splitting was right out. Instead I thought out how I could track the person's ISP and find out where they lived. How I would strip and clean my non existent weapons (once you can do it blindfolded, you do not forget), prime a claymore mine, fitting it with a remote detonator and placing it under the person's car so I would ensure it would only be set off with this particular person in it. I would do all this, even though I have personal experience of armed conflict and death with its aftermath in terms of the wounded, the dead and the impact of PTSD.

I then became very scared. If I, who consider themselves a pacifist, who knows violence is a last resort because all else has failed, who puts spiders and other creepy crawlies out to prevent others squishing them, have got to this point, just how much more will the more psychopathic 'Yes' supporters take?

Then I realised; attempting to create violent responses is all that is left for 'Better Together', there is no debate left and their social media operators have been briefed and are setting out to do just that. They are by deliberate ignorance and reactionary posts trying to bring people to the point where violence appears to be all that is left.


Because this is the only defence 'Better Together' have left and is the only ground of their choosing left to them, to physically fight for a win:

"Then they 'fight you', then you win."

I can go to bed and sleep easy as it is clear from the increasingly hysterical responses coming from Better Together and their supporters, we on the 'Yes' side are winning and we have no need to fight, none at all.

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