Friday, 26 December 2014

Queen - Scotland Divided .... aye right!

According to today's London media theme, the Scots are at each others' necks in the aftermath of the 18th of September. Apparently we have taken folk who voted against us, whether Yes or No proponents, off our Christmas Card Lists causing rioting and divisions on the streets of Morningside and Mulingavie as we tear up Christmas lists, cards and envelopes and throw them at each other. Yes folks, according to the Spectator, the divisions in Scotland are that serious. Let's pretend what happened in the aftermath of the recent George Square tragedy never happened, the unity, folk who were strangers helping each other - no the truth is we have taken friends who voted the opposite way to us off our Christmas card lists, causing schism, hatred, violence and despair across Scotland.

The British Establishment want the Scots back in their box so are determined to portray the SNP and the whole Yes movement as having the same sort of fascist, oppressive, destructive and divisive style of politics as the Lablibcons and UKIP (fascism is a political plutocracy working hand in hand with an oligarchy - the banks and capitalists - for their own mutual benefit and not the electorates) actually are; a situation once described by Enoch Powell as, not so much a parliamentary democracy but more an elected parliamentary dictatorship.

Labour = Libdems = Tories (+ UKIP) in a growing percentage of the UK electorates' minds as seen in recent UK opinion polls which for the first time ever are showing 'Others' ahead of the 'After you, no after you Claude!' failed Westminster political triumvirate.

So it is important for the British Establishment's tame, London biased media feeds to push rubbish like this of a 'Scotland divided against itself' while the opposite is starkly true. Scotland is increasingly unifying behind the SNP as the failure of the London triumvirate to even pretend they are going to do squat with regards the Smith Commission recommendations boosts SNP vote share to near 50% levels in Scotland for both Westminster and Holyrood  and support for independence now running at 52%. Today Cameron's mouth piece in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, revealed to the Guardian that Cameron is looking to kick the whole 'more devolution issue for Scotland' into the long grass. Jim Murphy is promoting the idea that Scotland can only heal its divisions by voting Labour in May 2015 ('Scotch' Labour, a region in open warfare with itself and its prime backers in Scotland, in financial crisis, with a collapsing membership and morale sinking below boot level  - you just could not make it up!). In the meantime the triumvirate are doing all they can to try and stop Salmond being elected to Westminster in May while struggling to decide which contender they have on offer has the remotest chance of doing so while pumping out as much manure as they can in Salmond's direction.

The question becomes just why is the British Establishment running so scared, to almost a headless chicken level, of a democratically elected SNP, sitting on over 45+% of Scotland's vote share for May, sending 20 or more MPs to Westminster? After all the British Establishment have the centre to extreme right all sown up between the Lablibcons + Ukip or is it that a left of centre social democratic party will wreck the game for the oligarchs who fund the Liblabcons and damage the rapidly increasing move towards the 'low wage / high debt' economy they need to create to maximise their own net profits, putting even more wealth in the pockets of even fewer people which just happen to be them.

It appears strange the 'Lablibcons' are now talking up bringing in the DUP and UKIP to shore up their failing policies and I will not put it past them to create a 'Government of National Unity' in a last ditch attempt to block out 30+ SNP MPs. The real problem is the English electorate are not going to buy that which explains why the London Met are now exercising with their new water cannon. The British Establishment increasingly knows it won the battle in September but has lost the war across the UK, it needs Scotland and the SNP as its new 'bogeyman' to scare the English electorate into toeing their line and not voting for the English Greens. The British Establishment are in growing fear they are losing their grip on power.

All in all the biggest creator of division in the UK is the Palace of Westminster and its tame London media outlets peddling guff like this about Scotland, rubbish about immigration and the need to sell off the NHS in England, such as the Spectator.

As for Liz - she should have known better to peddle that healing guff in her Christmas message pushing even more cantankerous Scotsmen and women towards independence and republicanism as a result.

"Scotland has nae got a King and she has nae got a Queen,

Hoo kin thir be a second Liz when the furst wan has nae been?"

Scotland's on variant on the 'West Lothian' question -
Bliadhna mhath ùr!

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  1. We can only hope that the Scots having been fooled for a second time will look at what they did on the 18th September, pick themselves up and look to see how to make it right. The Labour Party were bought out with preference and a seat in the house of lords way back. The parcel of rogues are still with us, just cut from a different cloth, the result is the same. Labour = Establishment in Scotland, Tory= Establishment in England.