Wednesday, 8 July 2015

No - doubts?

As the immortal Reverend I M Jolly once said, "Life is like an ash tray ..... full of little doubts."

Contrary to popular media opinion, Scotland did not vote definitively to stay in the UK Union, the vote was marginal, only requiring a future 6% swing to Independence to become a Yes. Yet time after time over the last few weeks we have heard the Conservative and Labour Unionist Party spokes persons make this claim as their English MPs voted to ensure the new amendments to the Scotland Bill, promised in the spurious vow and the Smith Report, were kicked into the long grass. In the meantime the Conservative part of the Union Party decided as well as ignoring the Scots request for fiscal autonomy or at least increased devolution, they should go the extra mile and change the UK Parliamentary rules so they could, in effect, ignore Scotland completely.

Today's budget from the odious Osborne confirms to me, at least, the fiscal back bone is being created to underpin the Tory Party's continuing program introducing their 'Nuremberg Law Lite' social division program to reduce the most vulnerable in UK society to 'untermensch' status while blaming these vulnerable people for the introduction of this neo-liberal, nay neo-fascist, series of economic penalties on those most unable to afford them. The effect being equivalent to telling the sick and disabled they only need three wheels on their wheelchair and as they are 'unproductive' they will not need support to wash or bathe as there is no point of washing, as they are not going to work anyway. Oh, by the way, if you sick folk turn up late for your DWP health for work assessment, on your three wheeled wheelchair or are too smelly because you can not wash yourself, you will be sanctioned by the DWP and lose all your benefits for as long as we at the DWP can get away with. Such is the warped logic of the Conservative Party Welfare reforms.

This, then, is the UK Parliamentary system of government we Scots were told by the nice people in the Unionist Conservative and Labour Party we could not do with out because, if we did, we would make a right hash of it, turning Scotland back to the Iron Age and we would all end up living in round huts, raiding other nearby settlements for cattle and women.

It is therefore a bit of a surprise when Blair McDougall, the mastermind behind the 'Scare old folk in Scotland shitless with a load of second rate lies' campaign in Scotland, turns up on Twitter parping on his Moodie Tuba saying, 'See you Tories, its naw fair pal', as the whole 'UK Union is best for Scotland' unravels around his ears, his trousers drop round his ankles at a high rate of knots and his pants catch fire, while Osborne trumpets his budget for the rich and wealthy, to make them even richer and wealthier.

So here we are, we pawky Scots, lurking in the ashtray of an English Party Politics dominated UK Parliamentary Union amongst all the doubts staying in the Union was supposed to resolve, waiting for the Tory Party to stub out the big fat Churchill cigar, they are puffing away on, in our faces.

No doubts?  It seems to me there are more than ever before and we Scots are about to be tipped into the waste bin along with them.


  1. Perhaps some who voted no will, have the scales fall from their eyes thus, see the truth.

  2. jimnarlene
    And shall lead the way into the concentration camps which they seem hell bent on re-building as per Ian Duncan Smith's neo-Nazi specifications modeled on their British forerunners in South Africa?