Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Last Trump

So Donald Trump is feart to face up to his objectors, so feart that he lied to the US media when he said he had been told by Chicago Police to cancel his 'Presidential' rally at Iowa State University because of a threat to his safety. Outside of Fox News and the rest of the right wing dominated US media there are some USA journalists who fact check and in doing so discovered there had been no such request by the Chicago Police Department or their commander on the ground at the University. The police commander at Iowa State was happy he had more than enough personnel on the ground to deal with any trouble that might break out and was as surprised as anyone else when Donald beat a hasty retreat.

The question to be asked is just why did Donald do a runner?

There were already a number of anti-Donald Trump protesters in the hall with large signs linking Trump's proposed policies to the Nazi Party, apartheid, racial discrimination among other jibes. Apparently heavy handed attempts by his 'stewards' to remove these students had been met with widespread but peaceful obstruction and a total failure to eject these non Donald Trump supporting clones. This alone does not give sufficient reason for Donald to shrink into his shell like some massive, globular snail shouting, "Am no cumin oot, its too scary." Nor does it help Donald's cause that the only folk offering violence and threats were his own campaign's KKK sponsored security, so his campaign organisers must of got wind of some thing that would have caused him major media embarrassment.

My best guess is the 'student' body he was hoping to recruit into his asinine, 'blame every one else but the WASPs for the state of the USA', policies at Iowa State had a massive walk out planned which would have left Donald exposed to speaking to a far small group of nutters who actually believe him. Half to two thirds of the hall emptying or dropping their trousers and baring their arses at him, would have not gone down well with the Donald Trump Campaign managers and given the media a field day. So it was better to try and make out he was protecting himself from a terrorist threat or such like. I do not think it will be long before Donald Trump campaign meetings will be closed door events to invited supporters. Just as now happens in Scotland when the UK Tory, Libdem or Labour leaders turn up in Scotland, speak for twenty minutes and then scuttle off back to London, claiming they have slayed the SNP dragon this time, for sure.

It is apposite to compare Donald's running away with what is happening in the SECC this weekend where dissent is rife and folk openly and honestly contest whether current SNP policy is going in the correct direction, over their cups of tea or glasses of something stronger. The difference is you are likely to be ear-wigged by one of the SNP MSPs, MP's, councilors or leadership who will join in the discussion and argue their case for the party's current policies as being the best for Scotland and therefore best for the SNP.

You will not be barged or hand bagged out of the way by Nichola's minders from the SNP's Granny Security Force as they ensure only folk who are the right folk get anywhere near the leadership. One of the regular complaints from SNP conference organisers as conference has grown in size, is the problems of getting the leadership away from debating and talking with members, during breaks, which routinely causes delays to main hall sessions.

As for the idea we are all Nichola zombies in the SNP, the press chooses not to explain how the SNP policy making system operates when they claim the SNP conference simply rubber stamps the leadership's policies. All the motions before conference have been discussed at branch and constituency level in the run up. The decision of how voting branch members at conference are to use their vote has been agreed by the branch. The only time the SNP leadership tried to steamroller the branches over policy they came within 35 branch votes in 3,000 of being told to bugger off and have a careful re-think about the move to change policy on NATO. The leadership have learned from this near disaster and now the constituency MP and MSPs make sure their local branches and constituency party are well briefed on any proposed new policy or changes in policy, taking on board local concerns which then shape and influence overall policy direction. They also put forward motions from the branches to be consider by the policy committee, many will be discussed by conference over the weekend either in the main session or at alternate sessions. Others, such as the repeat fracking motion, are sent back with an explanation why they were refused this time.

No, the SNP is not perfect. We are still prone to be taken in by councilors and MSPs who claim to support the principles of the SNP but are simply keeping or getting their noses in the trough, through wielding patronage in their own self interest, as is being revealed by the current problems in Monklands SNP which sadly is merely a reflection of the longstanding, corrupt political culture which is extant in North Lanarkshire Council as a whole. This is no excuse for the current shenanigans of back stabbing and obfuscation being exercised by the local SNP MSP and some standing SNP councilors who must now be feart their own coats may now be on a shoogly peg rather than those they sought to tarnish.

I just hope Nichola does not do a 'Donald Trump' over the festering sore that is the current Monkland's SNP constituency party and branches. It is a boil on the arse end of the SNP which needs lancing and if it takes the current MSP down with it, then so be it, The integrity of the SNP in the public eye is far more important than protecting the sitting Monklands SNP MSP or his apparent chums in the cooncil.

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  1. The "cleansing" of councils is a must in 2017. A rigourous spotlight on corruption,nepotism,cronyism etc. and an effective sweep out with a "maoist broom".