Saturday, 9 July 2016

A letter to the electorate of England and Wales

Dear, soon to be, ex-country men and women of the UK in England and Wales;

The referendum vote is already having major impacts on the UK economy. Especially in the Financial markets of the City of London. Bloombergs are quoting 'City' recruiters that 10,000 jobs left London for Frankfurt and Dublin in the first week after Brexit, inspite of the devaluation of the pound by the 'Bank of England' magicking up £270 billion of 'quantitative easing'. The pound is now at a 30 year low, pension fund values have been slashed while trading in UK property investment companies has been suspended  and US banks are looking to move their EU HQ's to either Edinburgh or Glasgow on Scotland's now inevitable independence. Inward investment into the English regions is now in reverse as EU projects which encouraged this go into abeyance. Nissan and Honda are already talking about closing down their UK operations in England and Wales and moving elsewhere in the EU. This is not a matter of being 'right', this is what is actually happening.

JP Morgan are committed to moving their EU operations to Edinburgh from London on Scottish Independence and expect to be in Edinburgh by 2019 at the latest. The EU is making it clear once the 1707 Union Treaty is revoked Scotland can become the UK successor nation in the EU. EU prime ministers from Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland have made clear how welcome Scotland will be to the EU nations. Rajoy of Spain and Hollande of France are not seeking to veto Scotland's EU membership, as claimed by the usual misinformation sources at the BBC or London base media, merely stating Scotland will have to have broken from the UK Parliamentary Union before it can gain membership.

Then there is the actual impact on what will soon be just England and Wales of the outflow of capital on an economy reliant on financial services, services which are less vital to the world of finance when outside the EU.

According to OCED calculations the two bits most likely to leave (Scotland and NI) are the only two bits of the UK which have a trade surplus with the rest of the world, importing less than they export on a per per capita basis. We can leave the argument of who actually subsidises who, except maybe to note that according to a Nobel Prize winning economist, Scotland's surplus with the UK Treasury vs Barnett pocket money received is in excess of £150 billion over the last few years, has been in surplus since at least the 1920's and probably far longer than that, it was sizable in the 60's which was why the Barnett 'fudge' came into existence, once oil and gas had been discovered around Scotland's shores in the aftermath of the McCrone Report on Scottish oil and gas in 1974. The OCED report suggests a Scottish GDP will be higher than rUK by a sizable amount and may well be far higher once the tax and other North Sea income which is currently written down as 'UK' receipts is fully credited to an independent Scotland's treasury. The Scotch Whisky industry, according to its own trade organisation, is apparently worth in excess of £5 billion per annum, to the UK Treasury, in direct taxes alone (vat not included).

The question becomes how will England and Wales pay for all the energy they currently import from Ireland, Scotland and France to keep the lights on in London, as one of the first casualties of Brexit has been the nuclear plant build in Somerset at Hinkley point and fracking is not a long term solution even without any consideration to the environmental penalties which will be inflicted on towns and villages across England and Wales

For England and Wales there will have to be a reckoning between the leave and the remain camps, as neither have come out of this stramash very well, before their 'England' descends ever more rapidly into a racist, fascist state where 'white supremacy' becomes the norm and the 'non white British' areas descend into hot beds of angry and violent Asian and Caribbean youth whose riots will make previous 'race' riots in England's cities look like a tea party by comparison.

The majority of the English and Welsh electorate voted to leave the EU and, as a result, end the UK Parliamentary Union (whether they meant to or not). It is time to get real, accept what has been done, let Scotland go, accept the EU now wants England and Wales out as quickly as possible, invoking Article 50 is now inevitable, conclude negotiations on ending EU membership as rapidly as possible and seek to find a way forward which will not involve England and Wales in a rerun of the USA's race wars of the 50's and 60's. The answer is not May or Leadsom, as they are part of the problem nor is it what ever form of Labour Party emerges from its most recent civil war because if you are going to rely on them, good people of England and Wales, you are well and truly screwed. The Red and Blue Tories are only concerned for their own 'legacy' in the mold of their great hero, Tony 'The War Criminal' Blair and the income from future cushy jobs with the banks and other financial services they have destroyed in London but will seek to 'advise' anyway.

The count down has begun, the EU wants England and Wales out by January 2019 at the latest, no point in pointing the finger or going off in a flounce, time to get your collective arse into gear.

(PS: for those who have a Scottish Great Granny or Grandpa or a vaguely sounding 'Jock' like surname I will be a willing agent to help you apply for a new EU Scottish passport in return for a decent fiscal donation to my retirement fund).


  1. I think you'll find, if you do your research properly, that Wales is a net exporter of both energy and water.

    1. Hydro to England via pump storage, water ... to England = internal market of England and Wales. In both cases there is little or no recompense to the Welsh Parliament .... as is the norm for Westminister they simply take what they want.

  2. I think you'll find it's billion NOT trillion.

  3. The consequences of the No vote become ever more profound. We need out. Now.