Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Brexit is the SNPs problem ... fix it Nicola!

I had to read the out pouring of Brexit lunacy from Mumbling Murdo of the Scotch Conslaberists a few times, then check the source of the quotes widely, bang my head on the desk a couple of times to ensure it was not just a bad dose of tinnitus which had me mis-hear Murdo's claim while reviewing my health to see if I was under the thumb of one of my silent migraines which was distorting my vision. Then the really scary reality came clear to me, the idiot Scotch Conslaberist Party were actually telling the SNP Brexit was their problem to resolve on behalf of the UK and just what were they going to do about, especially 'Nasty Nicola'.

This is clearly is a political epiphany of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' proportions. We have now heard from the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the Conslaberist Party their rendition of the song of the Walrus and the Carpenter ... "Will you, won't you; will you, won't you come and join our dance". It is clear, just like the oyster's in the original invitation, the SNP has no intention of doing so, yet the normal Unionist media mouth pieces are trumpeting this as a major break through by pointing out the SNP are not taking 'Brexit' seriously, as they do not have a plan for the post 'Brexit' Scotch Region of Greater England.

The press releases from all the sub units of the Conslaberists seem to think that by pointing up the 'fact' the SNP's preferred option is for an independent Scotland within the EU rather than as a Scotch region of Greater England, outside the EU, is some sort of 'killer' revelation. The Great Shetland Liar, Carmichael, was full of Foulkesian indignation that this was the SNP's preferred position and they had made it clear this was their preferred option in, of all things, the SNP's 2016 manifesto. In the manifesto the issue of Scotland being forcibly removed from the EU against our considered will would be grounds for calling a second referendum on independence; Carmichael seemed to be saying, in his outburst, the SNP doing what they stated they were going to do in their 2016 manifesto, a manifesto which 47% of the active Scottish vote supported in May 2016, by voting SNP, is something deceitful and undemocratic and un-British.

As for Mumbling Murdo; was that a 'crie de couer', the moment where he realised just how devoid the Conslaberists were of any ideas of what to do now they had got the result, Brexit, they wanted? 

It surely can not have by-passed even his Union Flag blindfolded eyes the reality the SNP Government he accuses of doing nothing has actually been doing a lot both internationally to shore up Scotland's EU position and within Scotland to alleviate, where it can, the fiscal impact of England and Wale's desire to isolate themselves off from the largest local trading group we share a market with. 

Then there are the SNP Government's economic and social policies which are already being put in place to minimise the adverse impact on Scotland's economy with its growing EU and global economic links in the new tidal and wind farm technology, the infra-stracture development in support of the new technology, its deployment, design and implementation. A development which is already running worldwide in parallel with the highly regarded, oil and gas recovery engineering and development sector, headquartered in Aberdeen, supported and supplied by local SMEs, Scottish based companies and worth over £10 billion to the UK economy in 2014-15 according to the North Sea oil and gas industry's own figures. Stupid wee Scotland, home to yet another world leading industrial sector while also in the process of building a world class tidal and wind sector which will be even bigger than oil and gas recovery within the next decade. Just like Mumbling Murdo I can not understand just why Norway's Statoil is enlarging its Aberdeen HQ and investing heavily in cutting edge wind farm projects off the Scottish coast. I can actually; I was just attempting to show Mumbling Murdo some empathy but there are none so blind as those who do not want to see, deaf; as those who do not want to listen.

In the background the Libdems were on England's south coast holding their annual conference in an internet cafe in Brighton, unfortunately it appears they let slip to Willie Rennie where it was and he turned up. Apparently he has told the Libdems, their best option in Scotland is to try and retread the bald, through to the canvas, collapsed tyre of UK federalism and that he has or it might be had Labconservists Kezia Dugdale's agreement as it was her left hand he had been talking to, since her right hand was still in a huff with the left hand over what to do about her best pal or is it enemy, 'Ruth the Mooth', stealing her scone at the wee 'Parly' and was not speaking.

The real question for Murdo, Ruth, Willie and Kezia is;

Just what are you and your party branches in Scotland doing to alleviate Brexit's impact on Scotland caused by your UK Parties' infighting over who should be 'king'?

Surely Scotch Secretary Fundily Mundelly must have been given some sort of a guide by Thatcher's evil twin?


It is clear, just like Kezia, Mundell's left hand does not know what his right hand is doing. So is the Scotch Conslaberists position that Scotland needs the EU for its economic wealth and health (2012 -16 / pre 2016 EU referendum) or will be better off outside the EU (post referendum 2016)?

OK, so with all major economic, migration and fiscal powers reserved to UK Parliament at  Westminster, for the Brexit EU negotiations, how can you expect the SNP to save your parties from their self inflicted stupidity over the EU and the impending end of this perfidious and out dated UK Parliamentary Union. The SNP Government have enough to do, at present, saving Scotland from an outcome we do not want nor did we vote for and is currently seeking if there is any resolution, short of independence, which can be negotiated.

The clear answer from the EU to Scotland is this: you are welcome to stay, Scotland. We will fast track your membership, Scotland, maybe even make you the successor nation when the UK Brexits but only if you are already independent or on the verge of being so.

No matter how much anyone spins the EU position on Scotland's future membership, that is the bottom line and has been since 2012. Once Brexit begins the latest Independence Referendum two can be is mid 2018 as the UK  EU exit is clearly going to be in early 2019. With Whitehall  in increasing chaos as the reality of no future EU trade negotiations with the UK can occur until the UK has left the EU strikes home we need to ensure we have got all our ducks in a row. By 2018 the British Establishment will be trying to fight on three fronts at once, trying to keep an ever increasingly unstable England and Wales under its thumb, the EU over its clearly stated position that the UK will get only what it is going to be given them on a take it or leave it basis and Scotland exiting the UK Union. All this just as their financial world collapses as the City of London, the British Establishment so relies on, goes into meltdown as their fiscal trading passports with the EU come to an end.

Unlike Wings, I predict a British Establishment propaganda program of crocodile tears over the 'Union' and Scotland's vital part in it, to replace the current open media animosity towards Scotland, by the end of 2017, but like the attempt to change English views on the EU prior to 2016, it will be too little too late with the Mail, Express and Telegraph ensuring that is the case.

The UK Parliamentary Union has no legitimate, function or purpose either socially or economically for Scotland after its exit from the EU. In reality, to remain in the UK Parliamentary Union after Brexit in 2019 will be a major disadvantage for Scotland in the eyes of the world.


  1. A propos Mundell, he really is a Janus, a huge one.

    Murdo is simpler and easier. He blocked me for posting this to his timeline. So when ever I see a thread with him on it, I post this knowing he will not see it but everybody else will. Then if anybody else wants o cut and paste, no copyright.

    "If ever I needed a reason why the Tories in Scotland are as popular as the Pox, it is you Murdo. Congratulations"

  2. Good post .Whitehall will continually tie itself in knots , I can see them all now, the hand wringing , pacing their offices ,screaming at one another on what to do . Remember they had no clue this would happen , Calamity Cameron thought he would do a Scottish Referendum Mrk 2 and it would work again .Got to hand it to the English voter though , they had more guts than their Scottish counterparts in the Scottish Referendum .