Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Colonel Boggey-man land

So; 2017 is upon us and is already looking like an even worse rehash of 2016.

Donald Trump of 6 bankruptcies, massive debts, owing his workforce at Trump Towers around $5 million and already facing potential impeachment proceedings before he is even sworn, is going to be president of the usa - yep folks that is how far Trump diminishes the position and his country in my eyes. It says everything about the man that Nigel Farage is one of his 'besties' and has an invite to see the USA's own Orangeman elected to the White House. In the meantime Trump is making sure all his family benefits from USA taxpayer handouts, no matter whether they are competent as presidential executive office bearers or not. All this hypocrisy from the Orangeman who has sworn to cut back health and welfare benefits for the poorest in the USA because they should not be allowed to 'welch' off the over burdened USA taxpayer.

Meanwhile the Orangeman's bestie from UK la-la land, Mr Farage, has apparently applied for German Citizenship, probably because he does not want to wait in the 'non EU national' queue at EU Airports after the Brexit he has connived, along with his right wing Tory pals Gove, Davidson and Johnson, to create. 

The Dug's mob are whining about the SNP (Bad) latest wheeze to help new Mums with baby boxes,  apparently they are aghast at the lack of advice for breast feeding Mums. Now I was taught that whether a Mum could breast feed or not was down to certain key hormones triggering milk release. After that point it was reckoned that a few hundred thousand years of successful human breeding would cut in as Mum and baby got on with the job. Baby and Mum would work out how best to do the job; with out the need of the proposed flow diagrams, written in crayon, by the Dug herself. Mums that could not breast feed or did not wish to breast feed were shown how to mix milk substitutes. Their other whine is about NHS Scotland's:

  (a) failure to kick old folk out of hospital before they died 
  (b) the appalling decline in the numbers of planned operations through a surfeit of cancellations.

Now clearly Anas Sawar has little or no clue about the issues he raised over NHS Scotland's drastic failings nor was he willing to put them in comparison to the near collapsed NHS in England which the Red Cross are now warning is in a catastrophic state and a will become a humanitarian disaster area if the Tory Government do not pull their socks up. 

Back to Mr Sawar's complaints, much trumpeted and mindlessly regurgitated in the usual organs of the Yoon State media. Bed blocking always happens at this time of year because winter is when most old vulnerable people get sick and require hospitalisation. NHS Scotland can not simply throw the old folk out of their hospital bed when they deem them 'all better' as most will have other long term health problems which require support in the home and until such support services are in place, the patient can not be released because NHS Scotland has a legal duty of care for its patients. Provision of home support is usually in the hands of the local council social services so if funds / personnel are not available the patient is held in hospital until they are. The SNP have introduced plans to streamline this system to make it patient, rather than council, centred and speed up returning patients to their own home. The only folk who objected to this change in funding, direction and emphasis were Mr Sawar's best pals, the Labour councilor cabal at COSLA and the Labour splittist councils who are to 'big' for COSLA.

As for item (b) the actual increase was 0.4% on the previous year which still meant that 97.9% of NHS Scotland planned operations were carried out at the planned time with no inconvenience to patients.

Ruth the Mooth is still banging on about some SNP (Bad) referendum or other she claims is going to be held this year. By the way, did you know that according to the Mooth it is all the SNP's fault Brexit is happening because they are splittists seeking to divide the Yoon K, this is why the Yoon K is now splitting from the EU, she was always for Brexit especially now the SNP(Bad) are not and London has told her to say this is the case, as she's been telt by Ms May this is what she now thinks, so nya, nya, nah! (and you disregard her heart felt and undying support for the late EU Remain campaign). This about sums up the Scottish Yoon and Conservative Party's position - mealy mouthed hypocrisy.


My only bit of crystal ball reading is to foresee the Yoon's new Better Together campaign, here goes:

Ms May and Bollocks Johnson are going to make a big thing about the ISIS fighter on every UK corner just waiting to blow you to bits. The 'Scotch' versions of the Express and Daily Mail will shout loudly how silly Scotland could never stop this happening and if there was a rash of suicide bombings on Sauchiehall Street how would Scotland survive. The editorial will ask: How do you know that nice Mr Sadiq who runs the local post office and newsagents is not an ISIS sleeper agent just waiting to forcibly convert you to Islam or blow himself up in the attempt?

Let us ignore the fact the only known attempted suicide bombing at Glasgow Airport was an utter failure which ended with the would be 'terrorists' being terrorised by the locals and return to a few facts about our local, potential ISIS recruit, Mr Sadiq. 

For example, my Mr Sadiq is a third generation Scottish Asian who thinks of himself as a Scot, first and fore most, he runs four post office and newsagents across the south west of Edinburgh, his Dad is a long serving, local councilor while our Mr Sadiq is currently president of the local Rotary Club, his kids are at one of Edinburgh's big private day schools and he is weel kenned in the community for his good works, especially with the old folk. Clearly this man is a potential ISIS recruit and we have much to fear from him as he prays at the Edinburgh Mosque which instantly makes him suspect or this is what May's media clowns would wish to have us believe. It is very unlikely this Mr Sadiq or any other Scottish Mr Sadiq will be appearing on your doorstep anytime soon, threatening to blow themselves up if you do not settle your outstanding newspaper bill and convert to Islam.

The truth is ISIS were and, probably, are still funded and supplied by Saudi Arabia and the CIA. They were initially trained by UK and Israeli Special Forces and their purpose was to ensure Saudi Arabian control of the region by destabilising Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and establishing proxy governments in those countries 'loyal' to Saudi Arabia and its brand of Islam. The problem is that neither Iran nor Russia wished to see or allow Saudi hegemony in the area and the supposed quick removal of the Syrian regime by ISIS has got bogged down, messy and forced a weakened and fractured Turkey to get involved, as untold numbers of refugees crossed her borders. The reality is an under funded and under pressure MI6 will not prevent 'leakers' if ISIS looked to bite the hand which feeds it, via Saudi Arabian / UK / CIA arms supplies. In fact an independent Scotland with a foreign policy of opposing state sponsored terrorism would be far less likely to become a target.

This will not stop May's Conservative supporting news feeds from trying to spin the ISIS threat as fatal for a Scotland without Westminster's arm around it for protection but like everything they have been telling us on these grounds, since 2012 and before, it has no basis in any truth, data or objective analysis. This will not stop them from playing Colonel Boggey-man from a TV, radio or newspaper near you on this and much else besides.


  1. I am pleased to see you blogging again. I always find much to agree with in your analyses.
    I am rather gloomy at the moment about the feeling that many anti-independence Scots are unmoved by the horror show racist right wing bigotry building up in the UK, and may even be attracted by it.
    May, Johnson, Fox and the rest are like creatures from one of my nightmares.
    Soon, possibly in 2018, the independence movement must try again to leave the UK.
    If that is not backed by a majority of Scots then, I don't think it ever will be.
    In the meantime, we must choose our weapons and fight. Your blog is great, and will be needed. I will get out on the streets and do my best. 2017! Is an important year for us.

  2. Happy new year Tarff, and thanks for this excellent post. I wonder what you have to say about the MOD putting their police on the streets around Faslane and Coulport? As has been talked about on WoS, Scotland's police force seems to be being run by the english more and more and acting like it as well. Not the same as the MOD ones I know, who are fully controlled by WM.

    Independence is absolutely crucial to Scotland's survival, and having the SNP in government seems to be the only thing keeping the unionist wolves at bay.

    I agree, but hope it is not true that the anti-independence folk are happy with the state of things re brexit. The thing is many of them will be able to escape, like farage, and many are perfectly content to have no charge prescriptions, tuition fees for their kids and grand kids, and their free bus passes, as well as a functioning NHS, new infrastructure etc. The ScotGov are working against huge odds to make theirs and everyone's lives that bit more tolerable.

    If it all goes pear shaped, and we end up out of the EU, with no human rights and stuck in the UKOK, Scotland will be assimilated fully into england. I suspect the unionists will go to any lengths to 'keep' Scotland shackled, even false flag and who will be policing that!