Sunday, 30 April 2017

The BBC - beyond Goebbels

On a recent "Have I got news for you" Ian Hyslop forensically took the BBC's fawning attitude towards the current Tory Government apart merely by reflecting the BBC's politcal coverage of Labour policies versus the identical Tory policies. He hit the BBC's biased political coverage fair and square,taking no prisoners.

It now appears at least some political commentators in Englandshire are waking up to the increasing use by the Tories of the BBC News as a method of thought control. In 1940 the BBC slipped into the same malaise of spouting only what the government wished to be heard, silencing any comment on the increasing sinkings by German U-boats of merchant shipping, hiding the sinking of the Royal Oak, the disaster in Norway and many other clear failures of the UK Government of the day. The BBC, by mid 1940, had become a laughing stock as a news service because ordinary folk in the UK knew about the disasters. Eventually the BBC found a spine and made clear their world wide reputation was being badly damaged by UK Government news management, they were becoming a laughing stock, as it appeared to many in the UK that Goebbels' Rudfunk English broadcasts were more accurate than the BBC's in terms of content. The BBC argued the people of the UK were not stupid and would stand up to the struggle better if they were told the truth good and bad. The final straw was the virtual news black out imposed after the Dieppe fiasco in 1942. Folk around Portsmouth and Southampton saw with their own eyes the difference between the assault force which had shipped out and the remnants which had returned. There was no UK Government cover up which could explain away the high numbers of casualty telegrams landing on doorsteps across the UK and in Canada.

The dissonance between what people actually knew and the UK Government line "of don't worry your little heads over it, we are in charge" combined with the reverses in North Africa in 1942 threatened Churchill's position as Prime Minister with a pending vote of no confidence being talked up at Westminster. Churchill shook things up, the imbedded BBC reporters were given much greater freedom to write their copy honestly (within the remit of war) and as a result the faith in the BBC's news reporting was largely restored. UK public morale lifted and by the end of 1942 the war had begun to shift in the Allies direction.

"The truth is the greatest enemy of the State."
This is true in a dictatorship but the opposite is true in a proper democracy.
The BBC is currently in a worse state than it was in in 1942 with large sections of its once loyal listeners disregarding it as an unbiased news source. In Scotland the figure is around 30% who still trust the BBC as a source of unbiased news; in England the figure is nearing 60%. The BBC's Reporting Scotland has become a byword for inaccurate, inane and biased reporting in Scotland, seen on a level with the Torygraph and frothing at the mouth Daily Mail. Like many of its Unionist media bed fellows it is seeing a continuing decline of audience.

"The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous."
Here, in a nutshell, we see the bind Ms May's Conservatives have got themselves into. They have generated lies so big, no matter how empty they are seen by the UK Public, they have left themselves nowhere left to go. They can not go back on lies such as the Tory leave campaign's extra £350 million for the NHS in England nor the falsehood of being "in control" of any future Brexit negotiation to ensure the "greater good" - for whom they neither know nor can say. The result is the Tory Party is looking increasingly ridiculous at every turn to the UK electorate and, worse, even its own support is starting to question the party's sanity.

"If we have power, we'll never give it up again unless we're carried out of our offices as corpses."
This is the where Tory Party now find themselves, totally wrapped up in keeping power for power's sake, hence the repeated "strong and stable" mantra we hear from them on an hourly basis. The have become "par example" the ultimate destructive version of Enoch Powell's view of Westminster's so called democracy as an elected dictatorship. The Conservatives are only interested in what is good for the party, a position they seek to sell to the UK electorate as being for our mutual benefit, via its tame media sources, when clearly the opposite case is true. Where is the benefit to the UK electorate of selling off the NHS in England in a piecemeal fashion? The only benefit is to the Tory Party and its backers. The so called welfare reforms are another case in point, what is the good of a reform which kills your own citizens and drives others into poverty?

In the next few weeks the BBC news organisation could do much to rehabilitate itself by holding this megalomaniac Tory Party to serious account, exposing the real effect and impact of current Tory policies on UK citizens. Doing what they did in 1942 and standing up to a Tory Government intent of hiding the truth from the people of the UK, holding this self interested mob of deluded individuals to account.

The BBC could, but they will not, their DG does not have the spine and their news machine is heavily leaning towards the Tory Party and bound into the English (aka British) establishment and its preservation.

Scotland may well return 59 SNP MPs this June, yet all the current posturing by the Tories and Labour still means they will concentrate on Englandshire at every other UK nation's expense, no matter the result in June. The sad truth is under the current Westminster machine is Scotland is side lined, ignored and belittled and with Corbyn's refusal to enter a progressive alliance with the SNP to keep the Tory Party out of power, it is going to stay this way.

"Now's the day, and now's the hour;
See the front o' battle lour;
See approach proud TORY power—
         Chains and slavery
In June 1314 we, the Scot's nation, rose to face a destructive, over confident and overweaning enemy in the English Establishment to defend our right to self governance. In June 2017 we are facing the same hubris in the form of the Tory Party and we can do the same, bloodlessly, via the ballot box rather than the broad sword and pike.

To paraphrase Churchill:

" 59 SNP MPs elected in June may not be the beginning of the end but will be the end of the beginning."


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