Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Rush to the Bottom

While Westminster are looking to kill the Scottish Parliament stone dead via the so called Henry VIIIth clause, though how a precedent in English Law can be made legal under Scots Law is a separate matter. I note the emergency shut down of the Forties pipe line to Grangemouth has caused crude oil shorts to lift above $65 a barrel, as the crude oil commodities brokers sniff a killing.

Funny that, as us poor wee Scots - in 2014 - were told the oil from the North Sea was just about finished, it was worthless, you could not rely on it; except for the bit the Forties pipeline earns the UK treasury around £1.2 million a day all on its owny owe, in landing fees.

We are going to see a petrol and diesel price hike in Scotland just in time for Christmas, as suplliers cry 'shortages' and all those folk traveling to see loved ones over the festive season will just have to dig that wee bit deeper in their pockets to fund the Tory Government 'give to the rich' taxation system.

In the meantime the BBC pleads, cajoles or sends in the bailiffs to get its license fee then hands over a chunk to the rightwing press to fund 'local reporters for local papers' . The situation here in the SW of Scotland is local papers that were printed locally are sent up from Manchester, local reporters are as rare as hens' teeth while those who are around appear to be signed up Tory Party members - given the primacy of Tory MP's and MSPs who are plastered over the few column inches of local news, these local papers now carry.

Meanwhile the Tory MSPs are claiming they, all on their own, have saved Scotland from everything from a cold to a meteor strike, all of which were caused by SNP cupidity. Their current leader is twisting her knickers in a knot trying not to say she is gasping for a seat as an MP in Toryland but will only stand in Scotland, honest, well, unless she is called to be the real Tory Leader of all Engerland (Oops, Ruthie meant to say the UK), in which case it will be an emergency, so she will just take that safe seat in Toryland after all, thanks very much.

In the meantime the Scotched Labour Leader is asking why the SNP Government is not doing more to reduce the impact of budget cuts on Scottish Councils his party voted for in Westminster. The Scotchland BBC are happy to give him a platform to regurgitate this endless guff on their air 'waives' while missing out on the real news of how well the SNP are actually doing their day job or bending their news coverage in such a manner to make it look like yet another SNP failure. The sad thing is the Scotchland BBC actually believe they are being 'impartial' and are simply holding the Scottish Government to account. A feature of the BBC's general news coverage which is sadly lacking when it comes to the Westminster Government, Brexit, Westminster's historical child and sex abuse cases, Westminster economic incompetence and increasingly fascist politic.

So here we are, us Scots, sitting on the tea tray of Tory Brexit ambition, evermore out of control as we rush to the bottom of the Brexit Cresta run with no brakes, safety belt or crash helmet to hand as Westminster's latest wheeze is to take them away from us. Just like Spain is trying to do with Catalunia.

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  1. Wouldn't it be ironic if PM Davidson was the one to oversee the break up of the UK?