Monday, 6 February 2012

Ae Muckle Yette ...

Yet another day of 'Scotland's doomed',
Yet another day of 'nasty nat' attacks,
Yet another day of Britain's glory,
Yet another day of unsupported 'facts'.

Then they whine, the Scots won't listen.
Then they whine, they're balanced views.
Then they whine, their paper's failing.
Then they whine, its just not fair.

Then they shout, we'll stop it happening.
Then they shout, we'll make you pay.
Then they shout, we'll take our ball back.
Then they shout, we'll throw our toys out.

Yet one day the Scots will have spoken.
Yet one day when Westminster's away.
Yet one day we'll wake up to freedom.
Yet one day, not far away.

(A yette is braid Scots fir a toon gate - barrit tae hud fowk courrit doun saif ba nicht. An Englis yon'll ba ca'd a pun, a play oan wurds, ken?)

1 comment:

  1. Ah tak yer pint, Peter - bit oanlie gin yer nae keekin, like! (Thon wiz a wee pun tae!)