Friday, 17 February 2012

A response to 'Losing Faith' in Labour

As an ex-Labour supporter who they lost by their the sequencial , twisted, self serving and inarcticulate goings on of Labour's Scottish Region - I empathise with the author.

Some told me I should stay and fight for my beliefs but it is as this author has stated as waste of effort. Labour in Scotland first got shot of members who asked awkward questions, then the got rid of constituency officers who asked the wrong questions and now they are getting rid of councillors because either they do not ask any questions or were asking embarassing questions. Now constituency candidate selection is run by London boot boys and girls sent in by Murphy and Alexander to ensure their pet poodles are put in place. Ian Gray was a disaster for Scottish Labour hiding in Subway from three pensioners and a Labour councillor but he is now looking like a towering intellect in comparison to Johann Lamont.

A few years ago I wrote my last piece for Labour List predicting that if Labour in Scotland did not change it was heading for disaster. In 2007 in the elections for the Scottish Parliament the vote held yet the SNP still outperformed them, I think that 2010 was a stop the Tories blip that Labour stupidly thought meant business as usual in Scotland, 2011 confirmed that suspicion and Lord Robertson is now looking a shade daft with his claim in 1999 that devolution would kill the SNP stone dead.

Labour's West of Scotland area is now in open civil war in Glasgow, as is South Lanarkshire. They managed to vote down their own budget for Stirling yesterday - Lamont has not yet addressed the accusation of bullying by a Glasgow Labour Councillor threatening to sack another's disabled son from his apprenticeship if she didn't do what he wanted.

The SNP are now firmly entrenched in the centre left of Scottish politics, we have a real left wing option in the Greens and the Scottish Socialist party (if they haven't split yet again) and on the right in Scotland there are the Liberals, Labour and the Tories - all of them indistinguishable in their lemming like rush for the neo-liberal, capitalist abyss.

I would suggest that Lord Robertson was prescient about devolution killing political parties stone dead but he got it wrong about which parties. Labour in Scotland 23% in opinion polls this week and falling. If a general election was held next week, the SNP would take 43 Westminster seats.

The problem is not Dave or Ed or t'other Ed - its is the party itself which is no longer fit for purpose, as are the Unions that continue to waste their members money bankrolling the party - Labour is now a party of political pygmies.

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