Wednesday, 28 March 2012

UK Politics - Zen Humptydumptyism?

Lewis Carrol in 'Alice through the Looking Glass' has Humptydumpty averring that the words he uses mean just whatever he says they mean; that Lewis Carrol was writing 'nonsense' means we are supposed to laugh at Humptydumpty's small mindedness and self presumption as being far removed from the truth of the matter that all words in the English language have clearly defined meanings and importance.

In the Soto School of Japanese Zen Buddhism, core to its practice is the sitting meditation - shikantaza. Shikantaza is explained as " ...resting in a state of brightly alert attention that is free of thoughts."

If you watch David Cameron being interviewed you can see both shikantaza and humptydumptyism in action; Cameron is an 'Abbot' of Zen Humptydumptyism and a high achiever in the mysteries of this UK political sect.

Just think: how can a man who has knowingly sat down to meals with lobbyists and businessmen who have in turn paid £250k for the privilege to share Cameron's table to help direct Tory 'policies' to their own self interested benefit, claim it was all done without his (Cameron's) knowledge or approval?

It is a mystery - can anyone enlighten me?


  1. When a Tory's wallet falls in a lonely forest, can anyone hear him scream?

    What is the sound of one palm greasing?

    A good game, I'll try and think of more:¬)

  2. Which comes first ... the omlette or the great fall?