Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Krystalnacht - coming to an England near you

England is now, by any definition, a fascist state, run by plutocrats to ensure the wealth of oligarchs who run the business cartels in the City of London and a 'No' vote means, inevitably, Scotland will be in the same situation.

Thrown in the unemployed, sick and disabled are now to be treated as 'untermensch' by the DWP under Gaulieter Duncan-Smith with talk of work camps, special measures along with Gove's ear bending on the long discredited theory of eugenics by a SPAD and the picture is pretty clear, UKIP have won the political argument with out having to get one MP elected. Throw in the ever increasing police powers and the spooks at GCHQ listening to everything we say and just how far is the UK away from being a police state?

Clegg is now cast in the role of the folk who thought they could control Hitler and ended up being sidelined. While Cameron's press friends are hard at it turning the Scots into the scapegoats, the subsidy junkies who brought the UK down by 'B*ggering orf, f'ing selfish jock scum that they are', for the upcoming train crash when the artificial property bubble in London, underpinned by debt and laundered money, comes down around their ears or when the lights start going off all over the SE because of the systemic failure of Westminster to think much in advance of their next free lunch, let alone consider where the energy is coming from to cook it.

Rachel Reeves of Nu Blu Labour  is part of this problem and the core democratic failure of Westminster. Ordinary folk know what the problems are, geek speak is not the solution, neither is a parliament which fails to put the electorate first while busily inflicting the latest idea from the ultra right wing USA on us.

In the meantime the BBC, Guardian et al fail to inform the people of England and Scotland what will actually happen on the 19th of September 2014 on the announcement of a 'Yes' vote in the Scottish referendum to end the parliamentary union of the sovereign states of England and Scotland. Nor are they willing to discuss the constitutional impact of a 'Yes' vote which returns England's sovereign parliament ending the UK as a unitary political unit and commencing discussion between the sovereign parliaments of England and Scotland on the disentangling of joint responsibilities of Union, the share of debt and joint assets as of a 'Yes' vote on the 18th of September 2014. Goebel's would be very impressed with the London based media's manipulation of reality behind a rather thin bodyguard of lies.

If I was one of the future electorate of a sovereign English state I would be very worried about what was being done to society in my name to justify the dismembering of the universal system of welfare and health care my father, many of your grand fathers or great grand fathers fought and died for by ridding Europe of the very fascist policies now being inflicted on England by this government.

What really scares me is what is Westminster going to come up with as their 'final solution'?

Please vote Yes on the 18th of September 2014 and get us Scots out of this proto-fascist state the UK has become.

Note: The crowns of England and Scotland were never 'united' they are merely worn by the same head - just more propaganda from the folk who brought us 'subsidy jocks' and now are selling us 'the undeserving poor and sick'.

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