Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Independence Debate - an English whine fest ...

Everyday I scan through media sources across the internet looking for Scottish referendum related articles, many are so biased, inaccurate and laughable and are variants of the too poor, too wee, too stupid Scotland message.

The BBC's whiner in chief Mr Peston is at it today with yet another scare story about EU regulations and where banks have to have their head quarters - more doom and gloom for Scotland apparently as RBoS will have to move their HQ to the City of London, from Edinburgh - according to Mr Peston. Let us put aside the massive cost to a bank which is on the breadline and losing money hand over fist or the legality of any such claim by Mr Peston as the RBoS operation in Edinburgh is regulated under the 1845 Banks Act (Scotland) which allows it to print £ Scots against Sterling deposits at the Bank of England but which it could no longer do if HQ'd in London and ponder why has Mr Peston 'suddenly' found out about this potential fly in the ointment.

Mr Peston has told us before he has a 'special relationship' with politicians and senior civil servants in the UK Treasury. These 'sources' who were his trusted informers for his media appearances and articles on HBOS which many think helped trigger the 2008 crash or his sources for his outburst over the possible buy out of BoS from HBoS by a Scottish/Chinese partnership when the Llyod's / HBOS deal initially stalled. A deal which both Darling and Brown were not keen to let go ahead because as a stand alone the Halifax was Northern Rock mark 2 and unpalatable to Lloyds Bank no matter what sweeteners Brown and Darling threw at them. On that occasion Peston came up with a whole load of insider stuff which could only have come from the UK Treasury and even claimed he had 'Scotched the deal' leaving Lloyds the only possible suitor for HBoS. Mr Peston has form for doing the UK Treasury's dirty work for them.

I was almost getting interested until Peston repeats the lie about Standard Life leaving Scotland on a 'Yes vote'. In doing so ignoring completely what the CEO of Standard Life is actually on record of having said, completely misrepresenting Standard Life's actual position - similar to the claims which caused Standard Life to drop five points in an hour after the last dose of BBC hubris on the subject. It was this point I decided I smelled a big fat rat. Peston had rather over-egged his case in his glee at putting one over on the Scots with what I suspect is a UK Treasury supplied scaremongering job. Probably bodged together from some of the wreckage from this weekend's 'Dam Buster' raid which ditched after being shot down by the Standard and Poors report on an independent Scotland's economic fitness.

Mr Peston's alter ego at the Guardian is one Severin Carrell, a journalist who also likes to post anti-independence press releases from Whitehall as fact. Over the last couple of days he has posted a 'Yes vote' is stagnating article (sadly the survey Carrell based his article on was branded an outlier by Prof Curtis, the Unionist's favourite 'Stato'). Today's is some nonsense about the SNP over-estimating the value of the oil and gas left in the North Sea in which he attempts to conflate the UK Treasury's OBR unit with the IFS report (which was by and large positive about Scottish independence) to prove his point. In the meantime he fails to point out 'Salmond's over estimate' is based on the UK Oil and Gas Industry's figures and the UK Treasury projections (before being OBR'd). It clearly passed Mr Carrell by that Mr Salmond created the model by which these figures of oil and gas estimates are created when working as a senior analyst in oil and gas at RBoS. The model Mr Salmond created remains the oil and gas industry standard to this day.

In the comments below Mr Carrell's juxtaposition of fact and fable there are the normal stream of angry English posters on send, telling the Scotch they will be stuffed on independence, Sterling is England's (either not knowing or understanding Sterling is actually the UK Union's currency), without London we will all die and or come whimpering back to London and even more crass and ignorant stuff carrying on along the 'Subsidy Jock' line. Meanwhile as a thread running through all these posts is: you are only doing it because you 'Jocks' hate us English. The anger and fear of many of the 'Sod Off Jock' brigade is palpable and barely hidden by their braggado while propped up by the ignorance of what a 'Yes vote' will actually mean to them.

Sadly it is clear that 'down south' all they have left as weapons to save the Union is to either shout us Scots down or put us Scots down, on every possible occasion. This only goes to show after 307 years the English who consider themselves the UK's sole and rightful heirs (as represented by Westminster politicians, London and the SE 'City folk') still do not understand us Scots nor what makes us tick.

They do know how, exactly, to tick us off.

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  1. What I find having wandered around a few comment's column's on English Newspapers is that there are neathdethrals strutting their stuff. The debate up here is at least three years in the future of the debate they want us to have.

    There are a lot of English people who live here that will vote 'Yes'.

    I doubt they have been convinced - to vote yes - by an exclusive form of nationalism, beacuse that would frankly turn me off too.

    What has convinced them, absent the economic, social and downright measured approach, is that they do not feel the threat that the btl warriors want them to feel. They appear quite confident that they will be treated fairly, and they will be.

    I don't know, I see this as independence from a corrupted Westminster, and anyone can join in. As long as you have a vote, use it.