Monday, 30 June 2014

Drowning, not waving ...

There has been no case made for why the Union should stay except, "Jist dinnae goan dae that, jist dinnae.", in all its shapes and forms.

The option most Scots wished was for a new Union Treaty of autonomous British states under some form of confederal arrangement, it is the option we have been saying we want in poll after poll since 2006, at least. The 2007 vote for the SNP at Holyrood was a warning shot to which the response was Westminster throwing its toys out the pram (cutting the Peterhead CO2 capture project and the Scottish pocket money) and the start of the 'Subsidy Jock' assault in the press by the North Briton, Voldebroon. In 2011 Cameron had the opportunity to once more listen but once again Westminster's answer was to stamp its foot and say 'No' to political reform of the Union.

Now we are at this pass with the choice of ever more right wing welfare and health policies (which are an anathema to most Scots) and a Westminster politic getting ever more M25 orbital centric, further away from Scotland's wishes in this ever more unequal union or to walk away and have the opportunity for the first time in 300 years to do things our own way, make our own mistakes but at least have the opportunity to turn away from an ever more insular, introverted and isolationist political structure at Westminster and create a Scotland in our own image - open and welcoming, willing to be outward looking to the world rather than turning ourselves into the latest state of the USA in all but name, as the increasingly toxic brand of Republican Party neo-conservative politic, poisons the land.

The risk of staying is seeing all the social measures Scots think important to its civic life destroyed, more poverty, more division a more dictatorial parliamentary system of self selecting elites or the risk of what? 

Being no worse off than we are now but at least with a democratic system of government which puts the people of Scotland at its centre. The reality, I believe is we have the wit, skills and intelligence to do far better than the status quo as an independent nation the first step is to vote Yes on September the 18th because without a 'Yes vote' we will always ask .... 

'What if?' 

While we watch the NHS and Welfare state my father's generation fought and died for the promise of, is sold off on the cheap to the Westminster Parliament's business pals (as is already happening in England) and the growing riots amongst the poorest rip our society apart in a cycle of violence as grinding poverty increases the divisions between have and have nots.


Ask yourself why Boris has been so keen to purchase water canon for the London Met? Will there be riots in London this summer? What will trigger them this time? Over reaction by the London Police Forces and how quickly will it spread to other English cities as it has before or will it be as England's electorate wake up to the real impact of Yes vote.

Clearly the English establishment are concerned the tipping point in England is not far off and will resort to any dirty trick to prevent a Yes vote. MI5 running a cybernat attack on Rowling is not as far fetched as it may seem, they have previous on this - read about what happened during the infamous Scottish ER2 Post Box bombings in 1952 .... guess what ... there was a MI5 plant and agent provocateur called  'Callum Watson'... the police had to escort Watson to safety when a mob of around 20 Edinburgh citizens tried to give him a beating as he exited the court building, after he gave evidence on behalf of the prosecution in one of the most serious of cases where the accused were charged with trying to blow up St Andrew's House.  The judge threw out most of the evidence and the charge ended up with being for 'possession of 1lb of gelignite' rather than treason and sedition the prosecution were after.

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