Saturday, 28 June 2014

Westminster loses the plot.

The tearing sound you are hearing from Scotland is the last of Labour's ordinary membership ripping their membership cards in half in disgust at Moribund's 'Jam tomorrow / big stick effort' yesterday ..... trumpeted as a great success in the Gruniad by the muppet Carrell.

Moribund would not know a social democratic policy if it rose up and bit him on the backside. Miliband's Whigs and Cameron's Tories at Westminster just can not believe they are losing Scotland, this was not supposed to happen, the Local London media was supposed to scare the Scots into submission with the BBC in the lead - keeping the people ignorant and angry was supposed to be the big idea (well it has worked well in England with immigration, benefit scroungers and subsidy jocks stories - the Scots will be a push over) .... the Scots were supposed to have been reduced to indifference, demoralised, at Labour's Scotch region's beck and call .... a shoe in for 'No' ..... and here we are seeing Westminster still not understanding the Scots do not zip up the back (as evidenced by the tosh and nonsense Miliband touted yesterday), can tell the difference between SNP Policies and the independence referendum's key issues.

The biggest problem for Westminster is this referendum - no matter how hard they try to persuade the English electorate otherwise, is not about the SNP and they have neither the wit nor the ability to deal with a widespread, genuine grassroots campaign with growing popular approval. My Yes group has Socialists, Libdems, SNP, Labour, Tories and many who have never been involved in politics canvasing and manning stalls to promote Yes in what used to be one of the Tories border strongholds.

Westminster wheels in the Voldebroon, Moribund, Cameron and Ed Balls in for a set piece to TV and media lecture to the stupid Scots who do not know their place in the great scheme of things, of which the morass of gutless pap from Carrell in the Gruniad is just another example.

Meanwhile Lord Forsyth and Lord Young are saying it as it is: vote NO and we will reduce Scotland to a political wilderness, Labour MP's are saying openly there is no appetite at Westminster for any further devolution of powers to Holyrood on a No vote and all sides are looking to wreck Barnett to ensure Scotland does not get a fair share of its contribution to the UK Treasury.

The hatred and pure spite now coming from Westminster towards the Scots is palpable - from the politicking over a currency union (Yep - they are going to add £660 million to English business costs with Scotland, sure that's going to help the rUK economy) and now Miliband's threat of an Israeli / West Bank style wall across the border - the reality is the Westminster crew are reduced to spitting their dummies out and throwing the toys out the pram crying and screaming, 'Its just not fair'.

This is Miliband and Westminster's positive campaign for the Union? 


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