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Government, The British Establishment and the UK Media

For those of us involved in the referendum campaigning there was more than a gut feeling the British Establishment had taken hold of the 'National' media outlets in a last ditch attempt to prevent their worst nightmare coming true - the fatted economic calf of Scotland exiting the UK Parliamentary Union. There is now a sense, not just in Scotland but over the UK, the BBC News and current affairs acts just like a 'State Broadcaster'; in other words, its news agenda is driven by the needs of the UK politicians and their sponsors rather than the needs of the UK population to be fully and unbiasedly informed of the issues.

For example the BBC will be present where a UK civil protest is likely to end up with violence or at least some form of public disorder but are absent where a march or demonstration of thousands, or more, on any issue from 'fracking' via the Welfare Reform Act to NHS Privatisation in England passes without the necessary 'news hook' of violence against the state; as in attacks on the police - who for this instance are our boys and girls in blue and heroes (yay!) except when they pull up any politician for breaking the law, then they are over reaching their authority (booh!).

It is not unsurprising that Yes voters look on the BBC's sudden lift of UKIP from right wing nutters to 'Question Time' favourites with a degree of suspicion standing along with the BBC and other London media outlet's attempts to create the SNP = UKIP illusion in the UK national mind. It is unsurprising that the English electorate, not being as stupid as the elected Westminster politicians think they are, have decided a vote for UKIP is a vote to upset the English political apple cart in the same way as the SNP have upset the Scottish apple cart to the benefit of Scotland.

Between now and May 2015 we will see the BBC and the rest of the M25 media giants trying to back-peddle from their pro-UKIP PR campaign (as an antidote to the SNP) as it looks set to backfire badly as previously 'safe' Tory seats north of Watford look increasingly vulnerable to a UKIP swing. Worse for the British Establishment and its media is the growing concern that Labour are just as vulnerable in their northern fiefdom in England to UKIP as they now are to the SNP in Scotland. UKIP are now 'electable' not just to the 'insignificant' European Parliament but to the UK Establishment beanfeast at Westminster and are a clear avenue of choice for a libertarian, angry and disillusioned, right wing leaning, lower middle and working class English electorate; not the least as a shot across the bows for the traditional, ingrained, two party block status quo which has stood in England since the 17th Century.

This week has seen a series of uncritical articles in the M25 media on the lines of Israel - good; Hammas (therefore every single Palestinian) - bad. The Guardian has seen a number of articles this week defending the Zionist Government over Israel Defence Force's action in Gaza and on the West Bank in the face of increasing international opposition to and condemnation of Israel's force-able take over of West Bank Palestinian lands in the name of 'security'; instead of what it actually is - an illegal land grab contrary to a number of UN resolutions on the Israel / Palestinian issue, a modern day Likud Party policy of old fashioned 'Lebenstraum'.

On Friday the Guardian ran a blatant Israel, good; Hammas (aka all Palestinians), bad. As the comments came in pointing out that Hammas is a direct product of Israeli aggression, that comparing four deaths outside a Synagogue in Jerusalem which is terrible but hardly the same as the mass civilian casualties recently inflicted on Gaza, are continuing to be carried out against ordinary Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza on a daily basis by Israeli authorities, with the Guardian's attempts to conflate the two as a justification for Israel's actions, were pretty appalling. As these many sensible and in no way antisemitic posts rained in, many of them well argued and supported by careful fact checking, the Guardian moderators went into over time, dumping any post which questioned the article's line of thought (all Palestinians are Hammas), self justification for Israeli Establishment violence and its basic premise of 'poor little Israel'.

One comment which was allowed but replies to were not, stated that the Palestinians had been best friends of the Waffen SS and the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem had encouraged Muslims to join up as extermination camp guards . The implication being the Waffen SS recruited concentration camp guards from amongst Muslims in Palestine because they were anti-Semitic. A quick fact check revealed the Waffen SS 'Muslim' guards were recruited from amongst Bosnian and other Balkan Muslims. This is not a surprise given the number of camp guards in total the Waffen SS recruited from the Balkans - both Christian and Muslim. It is a bit like blaming the Head of the Orthodox Church in 1940 for Greek Orthodox Christians in the Balkans being recruited as Waffen SS camp guards.

Intrigued, I did a search for Waffen SS and Zionist negotiations expecting to find nothing. What I found surprised me.

The German Zionist Congress in the 1930's actively co-operated with the Nazi Government on the 'Jewish Problem'. The organisation fully supported the 1934 Nuremburg Laws for many reasons, not the least the threat to the sense of 'Jewishness', the purity of the Jewish line and its traditions by the increasing number of 'mixed' marriages amongst gentiles and German Jewry.  In 1933 the German Zionist Congress supported the whole concept that Jews in Germany were not German's of Jewish persuasion but a separate nation of Jews within Germany. In the USA in 1934 the US Zionist Congress agreed with their German Zionist counterparts that they were not American Jews but Jews who lived in America, a defacto separate nation, within a nation.

By mid 1934 the German Zionist Congress arranged a deal with the Nazi Government to allow Jews emigrating to Palestine to deposit the full sum of their wealth in Germany and then draw it down in Palestine as a mix of cash, investment and materials imported from Germany. In return Germany agreed to take imports of oranges, cloth and other basics from the new Jewish businesses created or transferred from Germany. Hitler reviewed this agreement in 1937 and again in 1938 under pressure from his economic advisers to stop the movement of Deutche marks and investment out of Germany. Hitler refused to alter the conditions of the agreement as it was seen by him as a humane solution to the 'Jewish Problem'. By early 1939, over 60,000 German Jews had taken the Palestine option and the Waffen SS Jewish Directorate and Stern's 'Lehi' were working together to ensure immigrant boats from Hamburg had their human cargoes and contents unloaded in Haifa or Tel a'Viv and along the Palestinian Mediterranean coast, in spite of opposition by the British Palestinian Authority. Many of modern Israel's key industries were founded and established on the basis of this deal between the German Zionist Congress and the Nazi's.

'Christal Nacht' could be seen, on review, as the Nazi way to persuade non-Zionist Jews to take the Zionist option and emigrate to Palestine, given it was focused on non Zionist Jews, their commercial interests and their Synagogues. The economic difference between emigrating to Palestine and elsewhere, for German Jewry prior to September 1939 was marked. If they did not emigrate to Palestine, as part of the 1934  Zionist agreement, the amount of cash, goods and investments they could take out of Germany was highly limited and by 1939 it was down to what you could get in a suitcase of a size
defined by the SS Jewish Directorate.

During the 'Phony War' period of the Second World War, Avaraham Stern's Lehi sought to do a deal with the Nazi's. In return for the Lehi carrying out sabotage of key British Palestine and Middle Eastern economic interests including the assassinations of key Palestinian Authority figures, the Zionist migration route would remain open for German Jews via Austria and Turkey; given the expected British Naval blockade of Germany. Now Nazi Germany was at war and had failed in its original intent to keep the UK out of their European War, it could no longer support the economic largess of the German / Zionist Pact and the 'Lehi' offer was turned down and a different solution to the 'Jewish Problem' was put in place in early 1940.

In 1948 a group of Jewish intellectuals in the USA, including Albert Einstein, had this to say of the Israeli Zionist Political Parties which arose from the ashes of the original partition and Israeli Zionist terrorist groups like Lehi or the Haganah:

"The discrepancies between the bold claims now being made by Begin and his party and their record of past performance in Palestine bear the imprint of no ordinary political party. This is the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party for whom terrorism (against Jews, Arabs, and British alike), and misrepresentation are means, and a "Leader State" is the goal."

This brings us neatly back to the Guardian's attempts to defend the indefensible on Friday 21st November. Israel's Government is currently lead by Begin's party, Likud, in a coalition with even more right wing Zionist Parties. Little has changed since 1948 in Israeli Politics or actions against the indigenous Palestinians, no matter what the UK's British Establishment, via its tame media, would currently like us to believe. As Netanyahu's Likud plays the antisemitism card for all its worth in defence of its policy of 'Lebenstraum'. Likud and the Zionists would clearly wish to avoid comment on their German Zionist fore bearers in Israel, their close links with the German Nazi Party and their own role in creating the environment the 'final solution' inflicted on the majority of German Jewry.

Media manipulation and censorship is alive and well in the UK's media. It is up to us with the wit and ability to communicate the rather large holes in the stories the British Establishment wish us to swallow as the 'truth' by carefully checking of objective evidence of what actually is, as opposed to simply regurgitating the 'facts' which we all think we 'know' but are often just part of the stories we have already been told.

Core data: Zionism and the Third Reich

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