Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Smith Commission - delivering Scottish Independence whether they wanted to or not

The SNP have played a blinder, exposing the small mindedness of the three 'main' Westminster parties when it comes to democracy and listening to the electorate. The issue at Westminster is already nothing to do with Scotland or the Smith Commission and everything to do with protecting party vested interests at Westminster.

EVEL breaks the Treaty of Union, just as sure as a Yes vote would have because, under Article 19 of the 1707 Treaty, the UK Parliament at Westminster does not have any legitimate legal or constitutional basis to alter voting rights of members elected to the UK Parliament. Such a change can only be made by the agreement of the original sovereign signatory parliaments to the 1707 Treaty. The UK Parliament conceded this to be the legal and constitutional case in 1953 (McCormack vs the Lord Advocate (1953) before Lord Cooper).

The Smith Commission has already been rubbished by the STUC:

"STUC continues to believe that control over employment law, equalities and minimum wages is a necessity if inequality is to be effectively challenged. We will continue to press for this. The no detriment clause and retention of the Barnett Formula is to be welcomed but the proposals for further fiscal devolution do not go far enough. Without the key powers over inheritance and capital gains taxes meaningful tax and land reform will be more difficult. The power to create additional welfare provision is certainly to be welcomed as is the devolution of the work program. However, in sum total, there is not enough to empower the Scottish Parliament to tackle inequality in Scotland."

How long before the 'Scotch' Labour leadership contenders flip policy statements which we have been told are inflexible 'lines in the sand' to fit with the STUC line?

In the mean time the SNP are making clear this was the best which was negotiable with the Westminster Parties 'Scotch' representatives and falls far short of what they or many of the 14,000 individual petitioners to Smith and 70% of the Scottish Electorate wanted (full fiscal autonomy).

The SNP can now say to the people of Scotland the only way the full fiscal autonomy 70% of Scots wish for, in poll after poll, is by becoming an independent country as Westminster will not give up its hegemony. The best way to push forward the process towards full fiscal autonomy is to vote SNP for Westminster in May 2015.

Gordon Brown's greatest contribution to the destruction of the UK Labour Party is the 'Vow' he cooked up with the Daily Record and the claim this 'Vow' would bring 'home rule to Scotland'. Labour MP's are now reported to be very depressed as the reality of Gordon's grandstanding over the 'Vow' comes home to roost along with the polling figures showing Labour in serious, possibly terminal trouble in Scotland and at risk of being 'UKIP-ed' in their North of England strongholds.

Cameron has not much to be that smug about either as the Tory Party tears itself to bits over the EU and immigrants in its attempts to reduce the UKIP impact on Tory constituencies while the Tory Grandees are openly discussing just what they should do about Cameron. Osborne's pre-election, randomised budget forecasts and UK economic predictions are unraveling even before the Telegraph can pre-announce them as the works of a genius.

John Bull is now down to his last extremely tattered and shredded pair of Union Flag 'long johns' - any predictions on how quickly the arse will go out of them?

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