Monday, 29 February 2016

The Ponderer

"Some times I'se just sits and thinks an' some times I'se just sits ..."

I'se been just sitting for the last few days, switched off to the UK media whirl of Bojo as the UK's Donald Trump type politician, the huffing and puffing of a Cameron who clearly has no clue as to which way is up or why he wants us to stay in the EU other than because Boris doesn't. 

Then there were all those tosser Unionists and Tories, in their purple aprons and feather dusters, telling us to clean up Britain for the old biddy Lizzy's umpteenth birthday - I mean what is that about? As some other commentator pointed out; if the Tories had not cut UK council budgets to the bone, the councils would still be able to afford street cleaners instead of asking the electorate to clean up the mess Tory policy is making of the UK's streets.

Throw in another weekend of everyone, including Harry the Talking Horse, going on about just how mental the Scots are not voting for Labour, like they have for eons, and still supporting the fascist, communist, Tory Party best pals, faux Libdem, English hating and unadulterated, all round bad eggs, the SNP, in as big as ever numbers, instead, in the run up to May 2016.

OK, the usual pundits and in depth commentators missed the point that the stupid, cringe worthy, ignorant, easy to fool, Jocks, who led the SNP negotiations with the UK Treasury, had seen off Osbourne and Hands big wheeze to take £7 billion out of the Scotch budget to pay for all these new devolved powers we are maybe aye or maybe no getting or the SNP leader's speech which was received with great warmth by a packed Trafalgar Square CND, anti Trident protest - these sort of things are not worth reporting .... SNP baad! 

No, BBC Scotland only had eyes for Ken some one, who once worked at BBC Scotland, running the 'murrder, kittens and fitba' news program and is now a Labour list MSP telling us Scots we are too stupid to have our own news program and to prove it the BBC in London are setting up a 'test show' at Pacific Quay. A show which was doomed to fail because they had not told their Scottish staff about their big idea nor had they allowed sufficient time for a new news program for Scotland to be defined and created so the program would end up being an hour of Ken's favourites 'murrder, kittens and fitba', just like the BBC's Retrograding Scotland news program is always packed with.

This move to demonstrate how anything Scottish made is cringe worthy in the extreme was highlighted by the usual rabid, frothing at the mouth husband and wife darlings of the Torygraph, who were telling us 'A Scotch Six' was already a disaster and would never work, even before the BBC did a studio test run .... oh, and it was all the SNP's fault the BBC had been forced into doing a trial to prove what a disaster it was going to be, because the real story was the SNP were trying to take over the BBC's 'Scotch Arm' in a North Korean style total media control exercise.

Instead, having started gloss painting the skirting boards and doors in the hall, I have found something far more meaningful than all the Unionist blethers, disasters and other stramashes which passes as 'news or informed comment' on a daily basis, I am watching paint dry ....

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