Tuesday, 24 May 2016

'Dead Cat' UK journalism

The most bizarre fall out of Hibs win in the Scottish Cup is the outrageous sense of 'dead cat' stories oozing out of every pore of the Rangers PR machine, especially when the forensic detailing of Wings over Scotland has demonstrated it was all a load of utter baloney. 

The Rangers 'fans' who invaded had only one intent, kicking ten bells of shite of any Hibbee 'fan' looking for a rumble and not the protection of 'their players'. This suggests a degree of pre-planning by the nutter fans on both sides which is not unknown, been going on for decades, and why most police forces retain a football violence cell to monitor known football fight organisers. None of this mattered as the usual slavering morons in the Scotch Tory Party tried make an argument that pre-arranged violence, triggered or not by sectarian singing was a good reason to get rid of the current law which makes sectarian singing and kicking ten bells of shite out of other fans at football matches a criminal offence.

We see the same sense of 'dead cat' journalism in the Daily Record over Calmac and the Scottish Islands Contract by the same unthinking Unionist journalists in support of the Scotch Labour Party who are trying to pretend what they said was going to happen, Calmac would loose out to Serco, and thus the service would be 'privatised' did not happen because it was their pressure that stopped the Scottish Government from 'privatising' the service. Even though it transpires Calmac were always the preferred bidder and the independent review of the contract offer (as required by EU competition laws) agreed Calmac should retain the contract. Serco made a statement to the London Stock Exchange saying they had not expected to get the contract, probably because they were not willing to retain Calmac's Scottish Government working wage policy and be able to make the sort of profit return they would be looking for, from their proposed multi-million pound investment. They also knew that any attempt to change working conditions and sailings (to enable them to make their expected profit margin) would see them at odds with not just the Trade Unions but the Scottish Government and a large section of Scottish public opinion. The reality is Serco winning the islands ferry contract would have been a loose / loose for Serco and their share holders.

Currently the biggest area where 'Dead Cats' are being hurled is the Conservative's civil war over EU membership where Cameron's stay two 'dead cats' are instantly called and then doubled by Boris' four out 'dead cats'. According to the UK Westminster bubble media we, the electorate, are making our minds up based on which of the contestants creates the largest pile of 'dead cats' in a case of never mind the stink, see the height. What not one of these clowns or their media commentator pals understands is the average member of the UK electorate, who is likely to vote, has already decided how they will vote on the 23rd of June. This currently suggests the UK north of Manchester and across Wales and NI will vote to stay whereas the majority south of Manchester will vote to go and because there are more of the UK electorate south of Manchester than north of Manchester, the UK will soon be negotiating its EU exit no matter the size or scale of 'dead cats' which are thrown at us by either side of a Tory Party currently at war over the EU.

If there is an 'out' vote we will then have a UK Government hiatus of several months while Tory blood letting takes place and Boris is anointed 'King' of a UK that will be soon missing one of its key cash cows, Scotland. At the same time Boris will be forced to deal with a NI teetering towards yet another collapse into violence as the pressure comes on NI Unionists to agree the only solution to NI not being dragged out of the EU is Irish Unification. This logical position will be faced with outright obstruction from the Orange Lodge and the inevitable return to 'war' from its 'military' wing, the UDF. The word I hear from friends in NI is they are pretty certain both the UDF and PIRA are in the process of rearming while the recent spate of shootings are the settling of old scores within and between these 'nutters' in the run up to renewed terrorist attacks on both communities.

The basic arguments for staying in are:
  • Prevention of the rapid collapse of the remaining English economy outside of SE England which will only be saved by 'Oop North' being fracked to bits, as is already being made clear by the Tories in North Yorkshire Council saying 'Yes' to fracking 
  • Prevention of an inevitable return to violence in NI
  • Prevent Boris from ever being UK Prime Minister
The only positive reason to hope for an 'out' vote is the inevitability of Scottish Independence.

To see the real issues we need to start looking past the pile of Westminster media EU 'dead cats' blocking the view of what an 'in' or 'out' vote actually entails rather than just seeing it through the myopic lense of what is deemed best for the 'City of London', as predominates at present.

As most of us understand, Scottish independence in the current political reality of the UK is not going to be 'Scot Free', people across all parts of the failed UK are going to get hurt, either in their pockets or with the inevitable destruction of aquifers they rely on for water or actual violence in the case of NI. An independent Scotland will have to accept the impact on all current UK citizens created by the end of the UK political union and seek to ameliorate them where ever we can.


  1. With regard to the Calmac saga, It wasn't the Labour attempt to gain mileage out of this affair that had me laughing. It was the pathetic attempt by Fox and his merry band of deposit losers in RISE to claim "Victory for the working class heroes and the tireless efforts of the SSP".The old adage, "Empty vessels make the most noise" rang particularly true in this instance.

  2. Good article Peter, hadn't realised the shoogly peg regards peace in NI, how absolutely disgusting. It suits the tories, and must suit others, there is money in war, for someone.

    I wonder what sort of plan UKok have up their dirty sleeve should it be a brexit, and Scotland moves closer to a majority vote for independence.

    The yoons are making a total mess, but they really do not care.

    Regards fracking, that 'wasteland' (can't remember which tory it was said that) that they wanted to frack was Northumberland, but what with the duke owning most if it, and it's a huge county, I have a distinct feeling that might be on the back boiler. I think it's a tory council though, so who knows what may happen there.

    The fracking thing pops up all the time on fb, and it's always slagging the Scottish government for not 'banning' it. People really think that is a devolved matter, in fact they have no idea what is devolved, and what is not. I think a wee leaflet, throigh peoples' doors, with info, clear and simple, what is devolved and what is not, and with comparisons to the other devolved countries, or principalities. Even to do that now would be useful, or am I not giving people enough credit regards knowledge of such things!