Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Follow the money ...

Labour shoot themselves in both feet

In Parliament yesterday 47 Labour MP's could not be bothered to turn up and support their own party's motion. Amongst these 'abstainers' were Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, Jim Murphy and Anas Sawar.

Sawar is an interesting case as only a few weks ago he invited the SNP to vote with Labour to abolish the 'Bedroom Tax' in a televised debate on Scottish Independence - all six SNP MPs voted with Labour, unlike Sawar. Labour lost the motion by 26 votes.

It is probably coincidence that a majority of Labour MP's who abstained are of the Blairite faction - Ed Balls, Jim Murphy, Anas Sawar .....

The real story the Guardian is trying to hide with its spurious headline, is Labour MP's, in effect, voted against their own party's motion and what that says about the civil war going on at present within Labour. It also indicates that, as usual, Labour will put their own petty politics ahead of the needs of the people they claim to represent.

In Scotland, the electorate has woken up to Labour's self indulgence, as Labour's new low in voting intentions for both Holyrood and Westminster shows - now down to 20% in Scotland.

England has a problem. The only alternative party which is making any gains is apparently UKIP - that is in large part to the media coverage they are getting, even though they have no MPs. Makes you wonder why the English Greens are not getting a similar level of coverage, they at least have a MP.

Then again UKIP are just Tory wolves in werewolves clothing, neo-liberal to the core, so will not have any real impact on the status quo in City of London centric economics.

Follow the money.

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