Saturday, 16 November 2013


General Lamont von Todtaloss and was beginning to get worried. The orders coming out Downingsdorf  based on a weakening of the Cybernatski position were not what the troops on the ground were noticing. The Cybernatski had infiltrated with ease into Glesgagrad and forced one of the Barmacht's top generals to evacute. Lieutenant General von Ffattwadd had been forced to run and Major-General Murphy von Blairite was concerned because he had apparently disappeared and was no longer in communication with the Barmacht HQ at the Dumbartonschloss. Gaulieter Matthausen had just been in contact from the Glesgahaus. It appeared the attempts to evict a socialist agent from Pollock had been met with force from local socialists, most probably instigated by a local Cybernatski cell, worse they had come armed with a lawyer. The Gaulieter's men had been forced to retreat with their tails between their legs. Von Todtaloss was confused by this turn of affairs, the socialists were allies, were they not? Their leaders had made clear the Barmacht could expect their support. Von Todtaloss put a call through to the Geheims Macht Bludenschaft (GMB) HQ in Droomchapelle to find out what was going on.

Von Blairite looked at the situation map. The Barmacht had withdrawn back within the Glesgagrad perimeter to its winter quarters, as planned, but in the recent thrust towards Holyrood on the Cybernatski front, Von Todtaloss had been heavily defeated and the flank attack from the Libdemonians and crack Stormtruppen of the UK Reich were stalled on their start lines by a fierce and unsuspected Cybernatski counter attack. Cybernatski were in control in of Grangemutt and their continuing pressure on Falkirsch threaten to buckle his right flank protecting Glesgagrad. Von Blairite was worried. He had hoped that von Ffattwadd would help stiffen the Libdemonian General Cleggonawa's troops on his left, northern front. On his right, southern front he knew the Stormtruppen of the UK Riech would not budge but the Libdemonians? He was not sure whether Kermachel or the disgraced Kenheidid would hold. Von Blairite feared they would succumb to offers of peace from the Cybernatski, collapsing the left flank and potentially losing the campaign. He looked at the psychotic Obersturmfurher Yan Daneffusion, leader of the elite Barmacht Panzer Gruppen Govan. Von Blairite claimed the Panzer Gruppen Govan was held as tactical reserve but the reality was Von Blairite did not trust the Obersturmfuher Daneffusion and his ability to cause total mayhem, sadly this mayhem was normally amongst the Barmacht's own allies rather than the Cybernatski. Von Blairite looked at Obersturmfurher's sour and scarred face, "I have a job for you, Daneffusion." while trying not to reveal the disgust even Von Blairite felt for this crumpled and dribbling monster. "Does it involve bayoneting Cybernats?", Von Blairite nodded while trying not to throw up in his handkerchief, "Good!" as the hunched little man slithered out of the the tactical room, leaving a smell of rancid onions, as a reminder of his noxious presence.

What Von Todtaloss heard from the GMB did little to calm the nerves, while the leadership of the GMB was solid in its support of the Barmacht its people were turning to the Cybernatski side. The problem; the word from Grangemutt was socialists were better treated by the Cybernatski than the Barmacht and not in anyway like the Barmacht propaganda had been claiming. Babies were not stuck on sharpened poles nor were their wives repeatedly violated. In fact the Cybernatski were offering a lot of good things to the socialists like decent health care coupled with better support for the poor and the homeless. Von Todtaloss knew it was a waste of time contacting the Dumbartonschloss with this information as Von Blairite would send her and her troops on yet another suicidal and demoralising attack on the Cybernats in front of Holyrood. Even the most determined of the Barmacht Lieutenants of Scotti Gruppen could not take many more defeats on the Holyrood front before they cracked, once and for all. Von Todtaloss knew Major-General von Blairite wanted to replace Von Todtaloss, yet Von Todtaloss knew Von Blairite could not do it with the Barmacht Scotti Gruppen in such close contact with the Cybernatski. VonTodtaloss issued a Barmacht Staffschittenhosen Order making clear none of the officers and members in the Scotti Gruppen Front line would be held responsible for any defeat at the hands of the Cybernatski, that would all be Von Blairite's fault.

"Shift that Von Blairite" chuckled Von Todtaloss as schism within the Barmacht began to grow ever larger. Cybernatski intelligence could not believe their luck. Now they would wait for the Libdemorians to open peace negotiations on the Cybernats right flank, then Glesgagrad would surely fall, the UK Stormtruppen sent south, back over the border, no longer UK Stormtruppen but English. The Yestavaka continued quietly planning for the assault on the Barmacht and their allies, set for September 2014 when Glesgagrad and with it Scotland, would surely be liberated, at last from under the boot of the UK Reich.

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