Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cameron - Man or Mouse?

Its funny that polls which support the idea that a 'Yes vote' is an impossibility are routinely aired in the Observer / Gruniad and the rest of the MSM / BBC.

Scotland only polls show something very different, the gap between yes and no under 10% with undecideds constantly drifting towards 'yes' and 'no' weakening towards undecided.

Better Together's recent December 2013 Yougov poll sees their preference for the UK status quo clocking only 29% support in Scotland - No Guardian / Observer headlines for that though, are there?

So here's the problem - there is no such legitimate political construct as either 'British' or 'Britain'. The cohesive glue that held the Union together has been leached away by four decades of Thatcherism and its god child, unfettered neo-liberal capitalism. The bits are falling apart and the brown sticky tape of 'Britishness' will not cut it.

It is time the London media woke up to the reality: the Union is nearly dead and they are amongst its prime assassins. Cameron going crying to Putin, Rajoy and other right winger leaders across Europe for help to save 'his Union' is hardly the action of a position of strength. Putin and Obama already fighting over the carcase of the UK's nuclear deterrent while UK Embassies are actively briefing against Scottish Independence. All this from a UK Prime Minister who claims he is not involved in the debate and it is a matter for Scots.

Cameron - a Prime Minister who is too scared to come to Scotland and defend the Union he so believes in - clearly the actions of an already beaten man, clutching at straws.

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