Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tell Scotia I love her, tell Scotia I care ....

Is it not about time the UK and Scottish media held Mr Darling and Better Together to account on what a 'No' vote actually means for Scotland. Apparently the only answer is a sort of Hobson's choice of you'll have to vote 'No', 'jam tomorrow' and then we will tell you or which ever of the Libdems/Labour/Conservatives in Government will decide what you are going to get but currently it will be a mix of:
  • A further massive cut to Scotland's budget
  • Denial of the popular wish for more powers at Holyrood
  • Nuclear weapons stay on the Clyde
  • More London centric policies
  • More sucking the Scottish economy dry
  • More political destruction of Welfare provision and the NHS
  • Bigger divide between the rich and the poor
  • More educational inequality
  • More abject poverty of ideas in pursuit of the neo-liberal wet dream
  • Fracking the UK stupid on the basis of a flawed economic energy model
  • Increasing police state
  • Insidious reduction of human rights
  • Ever increasing government debt to pay for failed neo-liberal policies / fiscal bail outs for the City of London
Is it any wonder the 'No Campaign' does not want to state clearly the future for Scotland as part of a failed UK State.

Yep - us nasty, nasty cybernats pointing up what a No vote means. This is what the likes of Darling are frightened of; reasoned analysis of the current UK State and what that actually means for Scotland if we stay as part of it.

We have had a week of tell 'Scotia I love her, tell Scotia I care, tell Scotia I don't want her to go' in the Gruniad, Observer and other MSM outlets now we have this temper tantrum from Darling, throwing his toys out the pram, trying to look as if he is 'fighting for the Union', his puerile response to accusations he is 'comatose' is to decry the mythical 'cybernat'.

Cameron has gone crying to two extreme right wing politicians in Rajoy and Putin for help to put Scotland down, UK Embassies are actively briefing against Scottish Independence while in the background Russia and the USA are already squabbling about the end of the UK nuclear deterrent and its impact on the nuclear weapon balance between Russia and the USA. Cameron as prime minister of the UK Union can not find the courage to address the people of Scotland on why the UK Union should stay - just what does that say about the UK Union when its own Prime Minister does not have the guts to defend it?

What part of the 'No Campaign' has lost the plot and is now clutching at straws is passing folk by?

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