Friday, 31 January 2014

Snatching defeat from the Jaws ....

The UK papers and media had set the scene. They had created an entirely negative message around Mark Carney's finely judged speech on a future currency union from the Bank of England perspective. They had successfully drowned out the positives and blasted the Scottish Public with a 'Nyah! Nayh! Eck, you're na goan tae get yer haunds on oor English pund' barrage of Somme like proportions. What could possibly go wrong? This time they had Eck painted into a corner he surely could not wiggle out of. Johann we've pegged oot yer mun now gie him a Timpsoning.

In the background someone had forgotten to brief their Lardships in London as to the 'gemme a foot' so one after the other Lord Lang, then Dame Liddell and finally Lord Steele put both feet in it over the Great War and Rabbie Burns.Worse, their comments did not go unnoticed in their native land and especially not from the sharp ears of Wee Eck's little helpers.

Labour's minions entered the debating chamber at Holyrood with the hopes of better days, this time their leader had an open goal to taunt Eck with, set up by the big boys from London, after weeks of humiliation this was going to be the day of their revenge for Eck's deft politicking and sharp answers. They could not loose today.

Johann shuffled her prepared script, checked her 'key points' top page, looked at her trusty Lieutenants and stood up. The real problems only began when she opened her mouth and allowed what should have been a walk over, slip through her hands. The question remains did Labour bofffins with London's approval think up this 'attack' or did Johann go 'off message'. As with most things to do with Labour it is most likely a bit of both. The problem for Johann is the chunterings about 'time fir her heid' from an increasing number of her Labour colleagues. All who are lined up behind her but none, so far, having the courage to give the first push.

Then misery, upon misery, after all this hard work, Labour's best pal; Prof Curtis, only goes and tells the Guardian readership the majority of the Scots electorate could not give a stuff about the squabble over the pound or the Euro. They were interested in far more important areas of the independence debate and Severin Carrell, the Guardian's Scotch 'expert', was left peddling much shock and horror that the SNP and the Yes Campaign had opened up with both barrels at the hapless Johann in a nasty cybernat attack.

As everyone knows, Johann, it is the 'wee things' that always matter.

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