Monday, 20 October 2014

Labour's Clockwork Orange

Labour's Scotch region turn to the 'Clockwork' Orange Order to shore up their shooglely Westminster pegs in Scotland while Magrat Curran announces she is taking advice from political guru's who 'stopped the BNP' to take on the SNP.

Jack (The Joke) McConnell spins his usual pap about Wee Eck being a 'right wing populist' politician and damn's Ms Sturgeon with faint praise as being a 'social democrat'.

I can not be the only Scot who can work out Labour has a major problem with denial and political dissonance with in its Scotch Region.

How can you claim the SNP is a BNP like threat then get into bed with the BNP's best pals in Scotland - The Orange Order?

The BNP, whose membership regularly attends Orange Order marches in Scotland to 'show their support'.

The clear message in the rapid increase of Scots joining non-Unionist political parties is simply this, "If Westminster fails to deliver Devo-max, the Union will face yet another referendum and this time Yes will win.

The problem for Westminster is they are facing a leader of the SNP in Scotland who has genuine widespread support. Not the least for her work as NHS Scotland minister which saw real change and improvements in NHS Scotland (reduced cross infection rates being one) coupled with the removal of Labour's expensive to administer 'internal market' and excessive use of private hospital provision to hide Labour's failed internal market and PFI scam (NHS Scotland spent 0.8% of its budget on private provision in 2012-13). 

Coupled with the end of prescription charges, this undoing of failed politicised policies has freed up more money to treat patients within a Scottish NHS budget (under Barnett) which has decreased in real terms year on year since 2010. The Scottish Government also found money from its general budget to help alleviate the worst impacts of Gordon Brown's PFI scam on NHS Scotland's hard pressed Trusts and Health Authorities - again relieving some of the pressure on a constrained NHS Scotland budget.

Compare this with the UK (aka English) Government's impact on the NHS in England where 14% of the total NHS England budget is now spent just administering the politicised 'internal market' and 'private procurement contracts' while only 8% is spent on GP services.

Labour are not for changing NHS England, in any constructive way, and are offering the English electorate more throw away NHS promises that fail to stand the slightest scrutiny and will continue the Americanisation process of health care in England where the poorest 20% will end up with no cover. Clearly this is also Labour's policy for Scotland, if they win the 2015 election.

Now Mr McConnell just which party is the right wing party; Magrat just how hypocritical are you?


  1. Well said sir. AYE the truth hurts eh liebour
    Thanks for a great post Peter AYE

  2. I always think of her as Magrit....

  3. I see the Daily Heil is claiming thousands of Welsh Patients are fleeing to England's NHS. Welsh NHS says it is rubbish.
    Labour will never admit they are in trouble but I reckon they must be.