Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Hollowcost ...

The problem I have with the current Israeli Government is it seeks to justify its own genocidal behaviour and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians on the back of the 'final solution' undertaken by Nazi Germany and inflicted on international Jewry amongst other racial and ethnic groupings.

Yet there is never an accounting for the role the German Zionist Congress, during the 1930's, played in the 'final solution' in which it fundamentally agreed with the Nazi's concerns for 'racial purity' and entered into a deal with the Nazi's between 1934 and 1941 to support Zionist Jewish immigration to Palestine from Germany which was an integral part of the 'final solution' to the Jewish problem. In 1941 Begin and Issac Stern sought to do a deal with Nazi Germany to keep this exit route open for German Zionists by offering to carry out terrorist raids on Nazi specified, Allied targets in the Middle East. This is the same Mr Begin who was a founding father of Mr Netanyahu's Likud Party. A situation I researched and discussed more fully in November 2014.

Hitler's concept of 'racial purity' was common currency in the 1930's whether in the British Empire or in the USA - as in both racial discrimination was the norm. The Nazi's simply took a common view of the need for 'racial purity' to an horrendous extreme, delivered with Teutonic efficiency against not just Europe's Jews but Slavs, Romanies, mentally and physically handicapped of all races and anyone else they deemed 'untermensch' and in need of ethnic cleansing.

The Ghettoisation and plantation of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank or the Golan Heights by the Israeli Government, through forced, illegal settlement and security walls, is little different to the solution delivered in the Warsaw Ghetto or by 'lebenstraum' in Poland and Eastern Europe in 1940 by the Nazis. The excuse given by Netanyahu is just the same - the need for 'racial security' and space to grow. Israel is not a 'Jewish' State, it is a 'Zionist' State in which some Jews are more equal than others and non Jews no longer count for anything.

For all the memorialising of the awful genocide perpetrated by the Nazis we still can not see what is happening in front of our own eyes in not just Israel but across the Middle East in the current 'hollowcost' which is consuming the region. A hollow cost in which US and UK Governments' bloody hands have played a large part in, over the decades propping up corrupt and violent regimes for their own perceived benefit while calling it 'growing democracy'.

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