Friday, 20 February 2015

De Rushin's r cumin; massa ...

All of a sudden routine reconnaissance patrols by Tupolev, TU 96, turbo-prop maritime reconnaissance aircraft (NATO designation 'Bear') are meant to be a 'threat' to the UK according to hysterical UK politicians, ramped up by the UK's hyperbolic press and media to a near warlike fervour. UFO's turning up over the Bay of Biscay could not expect the levels of exposure in the UK media this routine, long range patrol by a Russian aircraft has generated. According to that highly knowledgeable chap Lord Ellonvalley Tragedy this situation is exactly why we need enough nuclear weapons to send Scotland back to the stone age and why they need to be stored at Coulport.

This raises the question of Trident's military use as a surface to air missile and the effectiveness of the current UK designed MIRV nuclear warhead dispenser in shooting down a 'Bear' over the Bay of Biscay. Answers please on how this works (or possibly fails miserably) in words of not more than two syllables so as not to confuse his Lardship. Do try to avoid any logical or  factual evidence as his Lardship is unable to comprehend such strange constructs as 'objective evidence' which challenges his Lardship's Unionist position as a world renowned defence 'guru' and 'transcendental' being or stuff like the following which can be found openly circulating in UK and NATO military circles.

NATO (in the form of the USA) would be happy for the UK to go non-nuclear for the simple reason the costs of running this weapon system would be released to enable the UK's conventional forces to be adequately funded and 'balanced' so they can once again be an effective part of NATO.

Norway is pretty fed up that the RAF can not fulfill its maritime surveillance role which is causing overstretch amongst its P3 Orion crews. The RN has not met its commitments to STAVNAVFORLANT since 2009 and the current UK Army is not big enough to be rated as a NATO Division, let alone a stand alone army, on current manpower and equipment levels.

In other words, Westminster's fascination with all things 'Trident' has and is weakening the real defence needs of the UK and causing the Armed Forces to fail to meet longstanding commitments and obligations to NATO. Let alone the overstretch and increasing penury of the UK's Armed Forces caused by blindly following the USA's military adventures across the world.

We have two carriers which have no planes and are unlikely to see any combat aircraft much before 2025, on present F35 VSTOL provision time tables, because the Tories sold off the (then) recently refurbished GR8 Harrier Fleet, on the cheap, to the US Marine Corps in 2010. Even if they did have aircraft they could not put to sea because the surface vessels needed to protect them from air and submarine threats have been delayed. In the case of the Type 45 Destroyer orders have been 'slowed' to a standstill and the Type 26 Frigate build start has now been set back to 2017 at the earliest. The RN currently has no surface vessels with effective combat capability north of Plymouth or on any regular patrol around the UK coastline. The new Astute class attack submarines are not exactly setting the heather alight in terms of performance or reliability, either.

The RAF now have the 'new' Typhoon interceptors, around 32 front line, split between Lossiemouth and Conningsbury. The remaining combat capable RAF Tornado bombers are held together with gaffer tape and parts cannibalised from other Tornado aircraft deemed unfit for flight. The word from the boots on the ground is the RAF have 10 serviceable Tornado bomber aircraft left, all currently flying out of Cyprus on missions against ISIS. If the Russian Northern Fleet from Murmansk steamed down the North Sea, tomorrow, all the UK Armed Forces could effectively do is wave as they went by in the hope the Russian's did not turn nasty and do something rash, such as attack us.

The really scary thing is a Yes vote in September 2014 would have ensured by 2020 the new Scottish Defence Force would have been in a better state to protect our shores with an appropriate mix of aircraft and sea vessels. In other words a defence force balanced to meet Scotland's primary needs as a nation highly dependent on the security of its national waters and to meet any NATO or UN commitments which had been negotiated and agreed. A situation which the present, failed UK Defence Policy, strangled by 'Trident', can never provide for Scotland.

So if 'De Rushins r cumin, massa' as the likes of Lord Ellonvalley Tragedy are now trying to make us believe, it is time to learn the 'Red Flag', lots of Robbie Burns poetry and songs, a few useful Russian phrases while hiding your malt whisky and substituting it with rubbing alcohol for your new 'Tovarishch' consumption because that will be your best and only defence.

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  1. Just as well that any invader with any sense would take a quick look at this Country ( I do mean the UK) at the infrastructure and run as far and as fast as possible in the other direction,/