Thursday, 12 February 2015

Revenge, ae dish best supt cauld ..

When the dust settles all this screaming and hyperbole from the Labour MP’s in Scotland’s accounting unit,  refusing to work with the SNP in any shape or form, may well be for naught as the majority will be in receipt of their P45’s from the Scottish Electorate and Miliband, as Labour's only leader, will make the decision based purely on his own narrow political advantage along with the needs and expectations of his corporate funders and backers.

Westminster politics is now so skewed by the international corporate lobby and the corrupt party funding systems they feed, the reality is Miliband will simply do what he is told to do by his main financial backers whether it reflects the UK  electorates’ declared wishes, the Labour manifesto or not.

Westminster general elections are now about legitimising the political power held in the hands of the few, for the benefit of the few while the real cost of this ever more focused core of power is bourne by the disproportionately poorest of the UK electorate.

The difference between the goings on in the Chinese Communist Government and the UK Westminster Parliament, in the 21st Century are now minimal. 

To be leader / a minster in either system requires the ability to offer fiscal and political bribes, patrimony, brown nosing and gain support from the ‘right’ people, who will offer you nice juicy directorships (back handers) for doing their bidding, no matter if the policy being put forward may lead to mini-earthquakes, sink holes, polluted water tables, increased radon release and the physical and environmental destruction of peoples’ homes and the UK’s National Parks by fracking, for example. If you do not do as you are told by your backers you are out and a politician who will do what they are told is in.

If we wish to change the direction of this overweening Westminster supertanker of corporate and political corruption then we need to stay calm and work our socks off to ensure as many Labour MP’s in Scotland are removed from office as possible in May 2015.

Getting angry is a waste of effort – getting even; that is worth committing to.

We live in interesting times.


  1. AYE well said Peter and, unfortunately so true
    Vote SNP AYE

  2. We need to rename the P45, only for the Labour and one Tory MPs who lose their jobs on the 7th of May.


    there you go.

  3. I read somewhere that there are more Westminster "passes" issued to lobbyists than we have MPs.

  4. murphy needs a Scottish parliament pass ( : > )