Friday, 27 February 2015

The Record's Stuck ..

Oh! The joys of vinyl recordings when some idiot mishandled them, gouged the record and caused the stylus head to jump back to replay the same segment time and time again.

Having listened to and read about Labour and Tory politicians comments with respect to the May 2015 General Election I am forced to come to the conclusion their 'Scotch Tunes' record's badly damaged and constantly jumping back to last year's message.

"The SNP are bad, mad and dangerous to know; just don't do it Scotland, you'll be sorry."

Take Ed Ball's whistle stop tour to Scotland, pretending he was Jim Murphy's 'bestest' pal amongst other fallacies, urging Scotland to vote Labour to keep the Tories out was highlighted in the Scottish media as Ed Ball's almost says, but not quite, no to any sort of agreement with the SNP before the May results are known. A sort of tabloid acclamation of Ed Balls supposed "Ils non passeron pas!" moment with out the 'non' bit appearing anywhere in Mr Balls' actual statement.

Then there is the current hyperbole of Trinity Mirror Group's 'Scotch' paper (published and printed in Manchester) trying to claim a website, run by one bloke, is seeking to destroy not just the life of the nurse, who might or not be an actor in her spare time, who appears contrary to NHS Scotland's contract requirements wearing a  NHS Scotland uniform logo in a Labour - we are going to save the NHS, honest - flyer but also the Scottish media. The crime was the Wings over Scotland web site pointing out the incredible similarity between an actress used on previous Labour flyers as 'an ordinary housewife' with the nurse in question on the current 'Save the NHS' flyer. The Mirror Group are even more pissed off with Wings over Scotland as the web site's owner complained to IPSO that the Daily Record was guilty of lying to the Scottish Public with respect to the newspaper's claims the 'Vow' had been fully met by the Unionists, along with a whole load of misinformation at severe variation to the truth. The Daily Record has been forced to print a retraction and an apology for the misinformation in their 'article' on the success of the 'Vow' while continuing to make claims for Jim Murphy's successes over the Scottish Parliament and SNP since becoming 'Leader' that have an air of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' fantasy and do not bear up to any objective scrutiny of what actually is. The Record's stuck in a fantasy Scotland which only exists in the minds of its editorial staff and Labour's 'Scotch' region's campaign management team - which may or may not be one and the same thing.

In the mean time Scotland's Tories are trying to tell the Scottish electorate that a vote for the SNP lets Labour in, with the subliminal message that the UK (aka England) can not afford to continue to subsidise Scotland, as it does so selflessly at present, and thus the election of a majority of SNP MPs from Scotland will be a total disaster for Scotland. If you pause for a minute and think, you will find an air of 'dejavu' washes over you, you know you have heard this message before; but when?

What about the Libdems? Well, apart from the growing reality we can almost ignore them in Scotland, what about them?

In the background are all the political pundits with their crystal balls, swingometers, chakras and pieces of seaweed, prognosticating and chanting as they seek to unfathom the unfathomable by untangling the latest words from the Oracle of Strathclyde, the psethic and soothsayer Curtisathon. Curtisathon sits in his Strathclyde ivory tower chewing bay leaves, halucinating about the loss of his appearance fees from BBC Scotland as even he can not gainsay what is happening on the streets of Scotland. If I understand the interpretation of the latest pronouncement from the Oracle of Strathclyde correctly is; if Scotland votes for Labour then more Tories will be returned as Scottish MPs. It appears the Oracle is saying to Scotland, 'Vote Labour, get even more Tories'.

This is strange because it now appears the Oracle of Strathclyde is now supporting the SNP's long standing claim that voting Labour just gets even more Tories at Westminster. The world has truly turned upside down.

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