Friday, 14 October 2016

End game

It is March 2018 and only a year to go before the UK exits the EU, dragging Scotland with it, against the considered will of the people of Scotland. Ms May is still refusing to bring any sort of Independence Referendum 2 enabling bill before the UK Parliament as she claims to have unlimited sovereignty on this issue under the relevant Scotland Acts through the exercise and prerogative of the 'crown in parliament'. So the Scots will just have to lump it and like it, they are going to be out of the EU against their will.

At Holyrood Tory and Labour MSPs are seeking to rub the SNPs nose in their powerlessness over the supremacy of Westminster while the Scottish electorate are getting more and more angry at Ms May's government's arrogance and ignorance. Among pro-independence bloggers the talk is increasingly of the need for UDI as it appears Ms Sturgeon's softly, softly approach has back fired and has failed to meet the considered will of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU. There is growing talk of the need for violence if Westminster continues to ignore the wishes of Scotland, hot heads are talking about fire bombing Tory MSPs constituency offices as a first step while trapping Mr Mundell in his home near Moffat. Some talk of attacking and burning down  HMNB Faslane, as it represents all that is hated and imposed on Scotland by Westminster. The BBC continues to fan the flames by justifying Ms May's actions at every turn, as does the English media circus. It is obvious, to everyone, something is going to crack and it is going to get messy. This is exactly the situation Ms May and her Government are seeking to create and manipulate in Scotland so they can claim they are putting the UK military on the streets of Scotland to protect UK citizens and not, as is actually the case, to suppress the democratic wishes of the majority of Scots.

Things are looking bleak for Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon appears on social media while avoiding the mainstream, asking for people to 'keep the heid' as the Scottish Government are preparing a proposal to bring before the Scottish Parliament which will bring resolution to Westminster's continuing intransigence.

Mainstream media gets no press releases on the nature of the proposed resolution and their usual sources within the SNP Government or Scottish Civil Service are not available to be contacted. Speculation is rife that it will be a declaration of UDI and the usual experts appear on the BBC to tell the Scots they can not do this as it is 'illegal'. The Mail and Express call for Ms Sturgeon's arrest on treason charges while the Telegraph and Times headline on how the already fragile Brexit damaged UK economy is being put further at risk by Ms Sturgeon's refusal to state what the SNP proposal contains. "SNP bad" is the theme of the weekend as the British Establishment seeks a way to blame anyone but itself for the mess it has got itself into.

On the Monday Ms Sturgeon announces time has been made during Tuesday's scheduled debates at 1 pm for her announcement. Monday night sees the usual British Establishment media lovies go into overdrive as they try to double think what the announcement is going to contain. The result of their combined guesses remains "SNP Bad" and how the UK Supreme Court will block any move to end the UK Union by any means. The British Constitutional Establishment experts work overtime on the media belittling anything they guess the Scottish Government could propose.

It is Tuesday, 1 pm, Ms Sturgeon steps up to the lectern and the Presiding Officer gives her the floor.

"Members of the Scottish Parliament, all attempts to negotiate any sensible deal with regard to the people of Scotland's considered will to remain in the EU have been refused by the UK Government. I come before you having taken legal and constitutional advice on this refusal. I will precis the legal advice the Scottish Government has been given, the full, detailed, legal advice will be available in the parliamentary library at the end of this announcement. In the simplest of terms; UK Parliamentary sovereignty is limited, under article 19 of the Treaty of Union, by the considered will of the people of Scotland which remains paramount. The refusal of the UK Government to engage in meaningful discussions on ensuring Scotland's continued membership of the EU as part of the UK exceeds the legal or constitutional powers of UK Parliament and the government. As such the UK Government and UK  Parliament is in breech of article 19 of the Treaty of Union and has by its own actions, inaction and presumption on this issue terminated the Treaty of Union by default.

This being the lawful and constitutional case, based on the detailed Scots Law and and constitutional advice given to the Scottish Government, today I am presenting to the now sovereign Scottish Parliament a short bill repealing the Act of Union (Scotland) 1707, ending Scotland's participation in the UK Parliamentary Union. Thus completing the process the actions of the UK Government started, by its failure to abide by the treaty requirements expressed in article 19 of the Treaty of Union, protected by the treaty for all time.

I am requesting this repeal bill now be given priority in this parliament with the intention the bill to have completed parliamentary scrutiny so we can enact this bill by Friday lunchtime at the latest. I am requesting this action and rapid enactment of the repeal bill to defuse the increasing anger verging towards violence towards the UK Government, Unionist politicians and their agents in Scotland, being expressed by ordinary Scots at having their paramount considered will consistently and arrogantly ignored by Ms May's Government in its dealings with the people of Scotland and their parliamentary representatives at Westminster.

I have been given memorandum of understanding and support from all the EU members for this serious action, terminating the UK Union, and written assurances the EU will support Scotland economically, socially and internationally while the process of ending of the UK Parliamentary Union is completed and our new currency ( proposed to be called the merk) and independent national bank is established and stabilised, in conjunction with the IMF and other international agencies, against our energy and other national assets."

In the ensuing silence you could not just hear a pin drop but also the shit hitting the fan in 10 Downing Street.


  1. Merk is a good choice, I'd suggest it should be launched at a rate of 6.66GBP/SMK.

  2. Exactly as I think might happen. Except the timing might be different and the Scots poond will be worth a lot more than an english groat as per fluffnik.

  3. Very plausible scenario. Just one slight correction. The enabling legislation at U.K. level isn't an act of parliament, but a section 30 order from the privy council.
    I have wondered whether the executive of the privy council (= U.K. Gov) are the only privy councillors able to hold meetings and draft orders for the Queen to sign.

  4. Having spent some time reading Article 19, I cannot for the life of me see HOW it can possibly be used a means of revoking the Treaty of Union. From my reading of Article 19, it is PRIMARILY concerned with the Integrity of Scots Law. I WOULD appreciate an explanation of how it can be used in this fashion.