Sunday, 16 October 2016

Panic Attacks ....

As part of my mental health symptoms I get panic attacks, the frequency and length of any attack is directly related to the degree of stress I am processing. So having dealt in the last twelve months with the death of my mother, the final phase of my divorce, selling my Mum's house, putting my own house up for sale, the inevitable financial problems that go along with even the most friendly of divorces and settling my Mum's estate (nearly completed); I have not had to look hard for drivers for this year's panic attacks. Given this I have averaged a panic attack one or two times a month at most which I have dealt with using breathing exercises and meditation.

In the week since the Tory Party Conference I am averaging one every other day, they have been quite serious involving difficulty breathing, shakes and visual disturbance. I had severe panic attack this afternoon walking the dog along sun spattered country lanes where Finches and Tits were foraging among the hawthorn berries, rose hips and seeds in the hedgerows, an attack which forced me to stop until I regained my breath and balance.

As I stood there it came to me I am feeling extremely angry inside, frustrated with such an intensity the usual outpouring of words in my blog which normally releases this, was barely scraping the surface. So here am I typing away, trying to get some release from all this anger and frustration by facing up to the key factors at its heart.

At its core is a sense of powerlessness. Powerlessness to do anything about the madness which is Brexit and its xenophobic heart. Powerless when I find Teresa May's apologists and cheer leaders in the Times are now facing up to reality the Tory Party they support has no viable plan for Brexit and their 'one nation' is heading for break up. Powerless as the Tory Party seek to bend the non existent 'British Constituion' to become like Humpty Dumpty so words can mean just exactly what they say they mean by trying to fix the rules that MPs must put the UK first - an attempt to legally ignore the majority SNP MPs from Scotland. Powerless as the London based media retain their deliberate ignorance of how things are changing in Scotland as opinion polls begin to show Scots increasingly prefer an independent Scotland in the EU to a region of UK Brexit as do their Scotch counterparts in the Herald, openly fascist Daily Mail and Express while the Telegraph pretends to hold its nose and be above such blatant fascism while condoning it at every turn with its line of UK born foreigners of colour are OK but 'feck off' the rest of you foreigners and EU immigrants.

I can not respect the views of those who claim to be 'Yessers' but will deny Scottish Independence in a second referendum and vote 'NO' because of the so-called undemocratic EU (in their London news media inspired ignorance and prejudice) and therefore are more than happy to let Scotland remain as a second rate region in what will become a third rate country. A case of stupid is, as stupid does as the daily unraveling of any chance of a soft Brexit is demonstrating. A vote for continuing powerlessness.

I heard Ms Sturgeon's warm words, her encouraging words, from conference. I know she is committed to what she said, softly, softly independence, slice by slice but I know the British Establishment is equally committed to prevent Scottish Independence from ever happening. They simply can not afford to lose their positive, cash flow cow.

George Soros' world investment company Quantum has made clear in its advice to investors. A Brexit without Scotland will be a disaster for rUK as Scotland will take 70% of all current energy resource with it in terms oil, gas and reusables. Given the exceptional debt and balance of payment deficit a Brexit rUK will be carrying, the pound will drop below dollar parity as rUK struggles to meet its commitments. They are advising clients to get out of sterling and invest in UK property instead which is exactly what London based property agents are already finding is happening, according to a report from Reuters. The British Establishment can not afford to let Scotland go or they are completely screwed as England heads rapidly towards Greece levels of fiscal integrity. The pound at a 165 year low and inflation on the rise are just two clear indicators which say things can only get worse and as long as May continues to plays the role of a latter day Edward the Second of England towards Scotland, ignoring advice and direction while demonstrating typically English ruling class arrogance and ignorance.

I am not one for bringing the past into my future but it is hard not perceive the next Yes referendum as being our Bannock Burn. If we fail Scotland, if we fail to remove this modern yoke of unwanted and unelected Tory (English) rule, we will cease to have the right to exist as a nation, except on Union flag bedecked, tartan shortbread tins, return to our black houses and never embarrass ourselves by calling ourselves 'Scots'.

Remember the core and driver of any Yes campaign for independence r3emains: 

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself."

This new referendum can only be about removing the stultifying yoke of a Union dominated by Governments we never elect, only after independence we can begin to decide our relations with the rest of the world, currently for Scotland this means remaining in the EU, this is the majority wish of the people of Scotland and anti EU supposed Yessers who claim they will vote 'NO' in this situation be careful what you wish for as the Brexiteers are now discovering.

A reasonable argument for the benefits of remaining in the EU can be seen here.


  1. You are not by any means alone in our feelings about what is going on in London and the inanities of the Brexiteer crew.

    Just this morning I was left gibbering at the radio as the Westminster Government spouts forth about investigating paying for passporting for the Finance Industry on a stand-alone basis.

    On rteading your piece I have decided that I need to go back to doing more exercise and breathing exercises.

  2. Peace of mind is priceless.
    Don't let the b******* grind you down.

  3. Can completely understand how you are feeling Peter. At this point in time, we will either sink or swim, no inbetween. I guess it is becoming very obvious by the day, to what extent Scotland has been duped, robbed blind and told to shut up and stop moaning, just give us all your cash and resources! Oh and while we are at it, we are gonna keep you begging and destitiute ha ha.

    Scotland really is the last of their empire, rancid, dirty, destructive empire.

    It is very frustrating to know that the bigger, money driven, dangerous factions of the UKok establishment have such a blatant disregard for Scotland, and that so many still accept that situation, even in Scotland. With their brexit however they really are terrified and it is all about losing Scotland, their gravy train. I fear they will stop at nothing to keep Scotland shackled. They will try to out manoeuvre N.Sturgeon and her government, especially in the timing of their brexit, because if we are dragged out before we become independent, we can wave bye bye to independence and hello to a wasteland Scotland.

    Sadly that means mass exodus because it will not be worth staying in an extreme right wing fascist state, with Scottish voters having no say at all in what happens to their country. The unionists are playing a very dangerous game, deliberately, dividing people, even creating hatred towards Scotland from their green and pleasant land, england.

    One thing we do have here though is knowing that people are politically switched on,more and more, and that we can keep the dialogue going to counteract the vicious, destructive anti everyone, except May and her pals press.

    One last thing, the EU, the 27 have woken up to the scheming, lying, backward mind set of the tories and their pals, the red tories. They are not daft, and see now why Scotland must regain her independence if she is to survive and flourish, as well as contribute to the EU on an equal basis. Scotland is an asset, england is a burden.