Thursday, 23 February 2017

BBC - fool us once ...

I note in today's National and commentators across the pro indy media have met the BBC's generous offering of a sop to Scotland with a dedicated 'news', channel sometime in Autumn 2018, with a homogenous level of sarcasim, cynicism and down right hilarity. So far has the BBC now sunk in many Scots' opinion, as an arbiter of impartial news, that few are willing to defend the corporation's latest attempt to cover over the gaping cracks in its Scottish facade of ever more obvious 'Yoonery' in the face of a Scottish population which is far better politically informed than of yore and less and less buying its "Don't leave the UK, its for your greater good to Stay Scotland".

Personally, I am with those who see this simply as a cynical BBC ploy to pretend its accepted view of Scotland has changed while actually sitting on both its hands while humming "Rule Britania" under its breath and hoping we can not hear. The marker is that by Autumn 2018 the UK Parliamentary Union may well be as good as dead as the Tories right wing, anti-EU agenda unravels at an ever faster rate over the next eighteen months. The BBC will not be able to hide the serial numbers of social welfare and health problems that are driving England to serious social and ethnic tension and in turn have only one inevitable outcome, major protests turning to rioting on the streets of England's cities as the Tories are unable to respond to the populations actual needs without throwing all their current facist, fiscal policies in the bin along with the support of the money which is currently backing them.

For people who think only Nazis are Fascists; please understand the true definition of a fascist state as being one which is run primarily for the benefit of politicians and their financial backers (often refered to as 'oligarchs'). This may well include the use of a slave / prison population as a source of labour, as Bayer and others did between 1936 and 1945 in Germany, or cheap labour maintained by government policies of company tax breaks and indirect subsidies via low wage support programs, relaxation of working conditions (the UK's zero hours contracts for example) or temporary work permits for immigrants (without whom much of UK food production would grind to a halt), as is currently the situation in many UK manufacturing, food, distribution and service industries. The UK Government by any description of the word is fascist by nature and always has been, putting corporate profit above public good at every turn. We are simply in a UK political cyce where the smoke and mirrors which normally blind us to this fundamental truth are so diffuse, as to be transparent to those with the eyes and wit to see.

Do not take my word for it; Enoch Powell now of imfamy for his anti-immigration "Rivers of Blood" speech, himself a strange mix of traditional Tory isolationist, white supramacist and democrat, decribed the UK as an elected dictatorship, a pseudo-democracy where real power lay in the hands of a small number of people (the UK Cabinet) and the UK Parliament was by and large a rubber stamping device which allows the people with actual power to hide from true accountability. Nothing much has changed since he said that in 1970, if anything Blairism and its even more extreme Tory, neo-liberal replacement has made the situation far worse.

The evidence?

The term "Post Truth Politics' could only come about if the UK Cabinet believed it could not be held directly responsible for its current rush to destroy welfare and health care in England (and inevitably the rest of the current UK). A move being made to ensure big profits for its friends, the oligarchs, in the global business world. This is what is happening across NHS England provision and the ironically called Department for Welfare and Pensions evidences and what is actually going on as "outsourcing NHS and Welfare provision" to companies with fully bought in Tory and Labour politicians (and their parties) in their pockets becomes the norm. A situation which fails to raise even the slightest frisson of contempt or concern in our national media as they huddle around like the Neighbourhood Watch in the film "Hot Fuzz", chuntering "The greater good" in unison, while worring more about winning the tidiest media award than exposing the high levels of open corruption, peadophilic abuse and malfeasance (to name but a few of the UK political systems more serious failings), in the UK government and the Houses of Parliament.

It is in this scenario the BBC's offer of a "Scottish News" channel should be viewed, as just another attempt to hide the real truth of this failed UK Union and its powerless parliament. Consider this: if power actually lay with the UK Parliament there would be no offer of a State visit to Donald Trump and the current one would be withdrawn. The offer has not been rescinded in spite of our supposed UK Parliamentary representatives and a large section of the UK electorate telling the UK Government they do not support this state visit by such a toxic and febrile US President as Trump.

On the issue of the UK being elected dictatorship, I am in full agreement with Enoch Powell.

It is time for the Sovereign People of Scotland to call a halt to this perversion of democracy, this failed democratic experiment in the only way we can, end the UK Parliamentary Union as quickly as is humanly possible.

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