Friday, 3 February 2017

The Bear and the Elephant's big day out

So Donald and Mickey want to have a war with China, while Walt Disney ...

Mr Putin has slipped his dogs of war in the ethnic Russian part of Ukraine off their leash to unsettle Europe.

Donald's pro Saudi Arabian / anti Iran activities have also moved up a notch; though luckily Iran are not, so far, buying into the lies coming from the USA Administration's attempt to foment further Middle East conflict. Especially in the aftermath of US 'special forces' cock up in the Yemen this week which had at its centre Donald's need to show he was "doing something about terrorism". An operation which Donald's pick as NSA chief forced on the Pentagon in spite of the poor intelligence, lack of on the ground reconnaissance, incorrect identification of target and lack of overall planning for the operation.

While our UK, Alzheimer media attention is on all this pish and wind, just what is actually going on? Should we be worried?

The answer is, as ever, follow the money; in terms of GDP growth of the big three which are China, USA and Russia.

China's rapid growth over the last two decades has sucked money out of both the USA and the Russian economies through low cost of production, inward investment in Chinese industry and unskilled job losses, creating ever greater downward pressure on the income of those at the bottom of the wages heap at a time of rising prices, in both the USA and Russia. A good old fashioned war, the thinking goes in Trump Towers, would be an excellent way of employing the unskilled unemployed while getting rid of the problem in the longer term by putting as many of the previously unemployed, as possible, in the ground.

Rather than look to their own economic failures and the reasons it is happening (too much money in too few pockets) it is far easier for the USA and Russia to seek a scapegoat - China. After all it is China which is flooding the world market place with cheap goods, so it must be China's fault for all these job losses in the USA and Russia or so Donald and his new 'bestie' Vladimir would like their respective nations to believe while forgetting much of Donald Trump's labelled products are made in China so he can get a bigger mark up on these sales. Worse; all these jobs that China has not stolen from Russia and the USA are being taken up by illegal immigrants and refugees piling into the country forcing US and Russian citizens onto welfare and long term unemployment. The reality is rather different, as an impact of the poor wages and job security many of these jobs (in the likes of Walmart) entail, the only people likely to apply are immigrants and refugees who do not realise they are being ripped off in near slave labour conditions while the likes of Walmart pocket defacto USA government employment subsidies as 'stakeholder profits'.

It is not that much of an intellectual jump to comprehend the only way Donald and Mickey can have their war with China is if Russia,
  1. Keeps out
  2. Gains a sizable economic benefit from keeping out
  3. Secures economic gains for its satellite nations in the Asian region 
  4. Gets bits of a defeated China's lands, along Russia's shared border (the bits they had to give back in 1945 after invading Manchuria, for example)
  5. Gains influence or even control over a weakened Europe in the aftermath of such a conflict. A Europe which will, possibly, feel forced to side with the USA against China.
Otherwise, why should Putin sit on the fence, except to pick up the pieces when the USA, its Asian allies and China wear each other out physically and economically, leaving only Putin's Russia standing. So if Donald and Mickey have secured some sort of deal like this from Putin's Russia, they are supping from an extremely poisoned chalice and likely to take a whole load of Western countries with them. 

I have little doubt that one of Trump's biggest cheer leaders in Europe, supporting such a disastrous Far Eastern war, will be the UK Tory Government of the day, happy to pile up this breech in China's Great Wall with their English (and Welsh and Scottish and Irish) dead while BAE, Racal, Lockheed-Martin and other weapons manufacturer's shareholders gain bumper, bonus yields on their holdings. 

Back in the UK, citizens will get ever poorer, even worse health care provision and see ever increasing levels homelessness. UK citizens will be told by the BBC and London media; we are at war, everyone has to do their part and make sacrifices for the boys and girls at the front, even if that means sickness, starvation, poverty and homelessness. By the way UK citizens; this wave, nay Tsunami of poverty, starvation and homelessness in the UK is actually all those illegal immigrants and refugees fault (who we, the Tory Government, still have failed to control) and nothing to do with us spending all the UK's money, your tax contributions, on creating and ever escalating UK debt, for a war we can not actually afford, are unlikely to win and out of which we will gain 'squat diddly' in economic or trade benefit as the big bucks have already split between the USA and Russia. Just the same as happened in Iraq after US/UK invasion to topple Saddam when, after all the promises given to the UK Government of the day, Halliburton and their pals hoovered up all the USA reconstruction aid, primarily to the benefit of their own shareholders, rather than rebuilding Iraq's destroyed infrastructure.

So if the Russian Bear and the USA Republican Elephant do go for a big day out in China, anytime soon, the only answer for a Scottish nation, still tied up in this foetid UK Union, is to put your heads between your legs and kiss your arse good bye!

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