Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dougie; Patriot of Britain

As this week stumbles along the surreal world of Labour in Scotland continues to astound and amaze those looking in from the outside.

The Sadiq Khan speech backfires massively, yet erstwhile Labour 'big hitters' in Scotland seek to defend his, SNP are racists speech. Dougie "Patriot of Britian" Alexander is now at it with his view that it is nationalistsic (aka racist) to support an independent Scotland but patriotic to defend the United Kingdom. He states nationalism is about hatred then goes on to pour his bile and hatred on the SNP and Scottish independence supporters in general, with out any thought to the dichotomy his own actions create.

We see what the patriots supporting Brexit are doing, trying to paint anyone who disagrees with them with the same brush, the same failings of seeking exclusion, imperial glory, white supremacy and the rest which the current UK Government policies are actually pursuing on a daily basis. Dougie Alexander and his ilk are past parody they are what they are, narrow bigotted, self seeking, small minded wee men and women who have had their Scottish scone torn from their grasp. Labour in Scotland's core problem remains they can not fathom why they are being left behind or why they can no longer simply weigh their votes in Scotland or even in 'working class' England anymore.

Labour UK's answer appears to be to keep doing the same thing, following the same policies which has brought them to the verge of collapse as a political party. The PLP can point fingers at the shadow cabinet for all they are worth for the recent loss in Cumbria but are in uproar when an outsider to their gang points out Labour in Cumbria had taken its electorate for granted for too long, put little effort in between elections and paid the price of their complacency.

In Scotland even Labour diehards are finding it difficult to fathom where their party is being lead, some trot out thier outdated 'socialism' mantra of it will be OK once the 'workers' take control and mutter about  the need for solidarity with a UK wide 'working class' brother and sisterhood which only exists, to any extent, in their own, fevered imaginations. The problem for Labour's socialist cadre is the likes of Dougie 'Patriot of Britian' Alexander and the Labour PLP will never allow that to happen. There are too many nice consultancies and other back pocket earners at stake for Danny and his pals to allow mere 'workers' to have any say on actual Labour Party Policy.

One of Labour's  future 'young guns' returned depressed and disheartened from Perth, pointing out Scottish Labour was only interested in Westminster and this was reflected in the platform speeches. The message to conference was, "Scotland does not matter to Scottish Labour", a damning indictment from one of their own.

The world financial markets are already setting their stall out for sterling on the increasing likelihood of Scottish independence and it is not looking that good. Reuters and Bloomberg are both advising readers that sterling is going to be in the doldrums for sometime, ever more susceptable to stagflation (low economic growth combined with rapidly rising prices), a trend which is now being reflected amongst consumers across the UK as rising inflation begins to bite and impulse consumer spending slows.

UK Government departments have been told to reduce spending by 6% by the UK Treasury, in the next fiscal year, an announcement sneaked out under the furore about a Lords Brexit revolt which never happened or was likely to happen.

The poor, the sick, the vulnerable, disabled and the old are all to pay for Dougie; Patriot of Britain's world which he seeks to ulogise. EU immigrants are to be discarded like so much chaff and random expulsions of 'illegal immigrants' are to be the norm in the British 'patriotism' Dougie Alexander seeks to protect and promote. Somehow, this is a better world than an independent Scotland could ever hope to aspire to with its narrow 'nationalism'.

I think the man is terminally confused, as is the 'Britain' he claims as his own, yet maybe he has just banged his head against one political brick wall too many or is still reeling from having his political hegemony torn from under his feet by a wee lassie from Paisley who has shown more political gumption in the time she has been at Westminster than he did in his whole career.

Dougie; Patriot of Britian, you can stuff your bitter, narrow anger where the sun does not shine with your false premise of a resurgent Brexit Empire, you are not so much a 'patriot' in Scotland more a 'toom tabard'.


  1. Douglas Alexander is a very bitter man. He lost his huge majority in Paisley to a politics student who was standing for the experience, and she has done a very good job since, when he had been a big wheel in a shit government.

    He believes that he was deprived of his rights by people he denigrates as deluded idiots.

    He is, in fact, a total c**t. If we don't leave this Union, run by people just like him, we are all f****d in Scotland. Let us work for, and hope for, independence and a new beginning.

  2. Well said Peter. These gits are doing their damndest to portray Scotland, the SNP and anyone supporting Scottish independence as insular and narrow minded, as well as racist. We all know that nothing could be further from the truth and that as you point out, it the yoons who are narrow minded, insular and racist.

    Their demonisation of Scotland for even considering another referendum, is also aimed at the international media and people who do not know any better.

    The EU27 must have their eyes and ears open by now though. and can I am sure see right through the unionists, brexiters lying and bullying. They really are in project fear mode, again. Hopefully, many now have seen through their lies and their con, like the vow. No more powers will come to Scotland while in this union, only independence will do that.

    The way that the yoons, T.Mayhem and her gang are talking, accusing Nicola Sturgeon, saying she is not doing her 'day job', is a new dangerous trend imo. Are they gearing up to attempting to oust N.Sturgeon and scrap the Scottish parliament, should independence look likely, and it does.

    The yoons who are telling huge lies day in day out about the SNP, need to look in the mirror, for they are projecting their own, unscrupulous, narrow nationalist mindset onto others. They need therapy, and certainly will when Scotland votes for independence! They are paid so much to lie as well, while people who they are meant to stand up for, are struggling just with the basics and being denied basic means to survive. Criminals in westminster, the yoon sort make me sick.