Wednesday, 13 June 2018

All Fur Coat and nae knickers.

My Gran Robertson was Victorian by birth but a 20's "Flapper" by nature, it was she who introduced me to this expression when describing some blue rinse, lady from Morningside in Edinburgh who nearly squashed me in the rush to get a table by the window in Jenner's Resturaunt . As a six year old I grasped the rhythm and intent of the statement, not the meaning. Given my Gran Robertson was one of the gentlest and politest folk around, I now realise now it was near to a four letter sweary word she would have ever reached. In the simplest terms my Gran was telling me the woman had no principles that she would not ignore if there was cash or a reward in the outcome. I sense there is also the implication the woman was just as much a whore as any other prostitute, though far less honest about it.

Last night at Westminster and at today's prime minister's questions, Ms May brought on herself the opprobrium of my old granny as she came across as being "All fur coat and nae knickers". A woman who would sell herself lock, stock and smoking barrel to the highest bidder as long as she 'gained' from the congress. What we saw going on in Westminster was political prostitution on a grand scale as the Tories and Labour aided and abetted each other via backroom deals, fillibustering and other chicanery to do down the SNP. Not one of those Tory or Labour whips and others scurrying around buying and selling votes or abstentions cared one jot about Scotland, its people or its future. No, it was all about stopping the SNP from taking their Brexit wet dream to bits by pointing out the large constitutional hole in their plans; Scotland, via its own parliament, is not playing the Brexit game.

Labour, as per bloody, sat on their hands as disinterested spectators while "Labour's" devolution was being flushed down the Westminster pan into the great sewage works of Tory and Labour party self interest. Labour's token Jock, Wee Ian, tried to justify Labour's abstentions as some "Baldrickian Cunning Plan" the SNP did not understand. Wee Ian described this master plan as a game of Parliamentary "ping-pong" whose rules the SNP just do not understand but sadly, for him, there is no one on Labour's team who can actually play the game or understands the rules either. No doubt Labour's great ditherer, Jeremy, would claim it was too capitalist a game for him, anyway he was always the last to be picked on games days, so nyah.

The future of the Scottish Parliament and devolution is just a game of "ping-pong" according to Labour, eh Ian?

That other peice of work, the Liberal's Ms Swinson, voted for the Brexit Bill because it was what the Welsh wanted. Fine; but since when has her Scottish constituency been part of Wales?

Today during Prime Minister's question time the Leader of the SNP at Westminster requested that the chamber held a private meeting. The Speaker at first agreed to the request asking whether the division should be "now or at the end of Prime Minister's questions". The SNP's Ian Blackford stated clearly "Now" and then the panic stepped in. The problem with "Now" is simply it would have left no time for Prime Minister's questions, caused the Tory Government and the Labour front bench a whole load of problems they were not prepared for and set the cat in amongst the pigeons, potentially enabling Tory and Labour rebels to put numerous spokes in the wheels of Ms May's Brexit Plans by the back door. The Speaker was brought to understand this via notes from Tory and Labour whips and, in spite of standing orders to the contrary on this issue, tried to back pedal out of the situation by shifting the blame onto Ian Blackford for being intransigent and not accepting a vote at the end of Prime Minister's Questions. Quite correctly SNP's saw this as yet another disrespectful calumny against the wishes of Scotland, the sovereign Scottish people the SNP represent and the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government and walked "en masse" from the cesspit that is Westminster.

The First Minister has fully supported the SNP MPs move, now we have the more fascinating question of what happens next?
  • The roaring to go Yes 2 folk will be now clamouring for a new independence referendum, yesterday - if at all possible.
  • Folk, like me, are thinking along the lines of the SNP bringing forward a repeal of the 1707 Treaty of Union Bill (Scotland) to the Scottish Parliament and forcing the Liberals and Labour's hand on the issue of the claw back of powers given the parliament under the 1998 Scotland Act, contained in the current Brexit Bill. The 1707 Treaty of Union (Scotland) bill is a bill of the Scottish Parliament and can only be repealed by the Scottish Parliament in accordance the the will of the sovereign people of Scotland, Scots Law and constitutional practise. The Union Parliament, English Law and constitutional practise at Westminster has no legal or constitutional authority to interfere, oppose or prevent such a repeal bill being brought forward in the Scottish Parliament. It says so in the 1707 Treaty of Union let alone current UN and Council of Europe standing orders on national self determination. We, the sovereign people of Scotland, do not need Westminster's agreement, permission or blessing to go ahead, if that is what we wish. Section 30 - Pah!
  • Continue to play the Westminster game, for now, with the SNP being as obstructive as possible at every turn on every piece of legislation and any issue, going through the Westminster Parliament, as they can. The "piss off" the British Establishment at every turn until they concede, approach.
What ever happens next by direct action or default, the UK Parliamentary Union is now on a very shoogly peg indeed. One made all the worse by the Speaker's clear U-turn on Ian Blackford's motion - a motion legitimately submitted under the Westminster Parliament's own standing orders - under pressure from Labour and Tory Whips.

The best thing, which is very clear, is the British Establishment did not see this walk out coming as even their own tame London media struggles to come to terms with just what has happened in any other terms than "chaos". The SNP MPs have let loose a weasel in the British Establishment Hen House and the hen's have no clue as to how to deal with it.

Time to go and to leave the UK Empire to its final, ignominious collapse.


  1. What happened at Westminster yesterday was the legal reality of what The United Kingdom legally is being forcibly rammed down the Westminster Establishments throat - and it has choked them. The United Kingdom is legally a United Kingdom. The Treaty of Union that gave it birth only has two, legally equally sovereign kingdoms as its partners.

    The prospect now is that the much abused one of the legally equally sovereign kingdom partners is about to legally apply for a divorce to dissolve the unequal partnership of the two equally sovereign kingdoms.

    The devolution introduced to the bipartite United Kingdom by the Westminster Establishment blew wide open the terms of the Treaty of Union. Devolution not only ignored the union is a two partner kingdom but, by not devolving the Union's powers to the country of England, it actually was devolving, what Westminster assumed as the rightful powers of the COUNTRY of England, to their three subservient COUNTRIES that the COUNTRY of England dominated,(a.k.a. English dominions).

    Quite simply the United Kingdom is legally a bipartite union of kingdoms but is being ran by the Westminster Establishment as a quadratic non-union of three countries owned and dictated to by the de facto parliament of the country of England.

    It is, though, legally a bipartite union of kingdoms and now one of the equally sovereign legal partners is, quite understandably, preparing to end the Union by a divorce.

    Westminster yesterday was suddenly confronted by the stone cold legal truth that the United Kingdom is legally a two partner Kingdom about to enter into divorce proceedings.

    We must, though, wait for the courts to declare the Decree Nisi to become absolute before we declare our return to the Status Quo Ante as an independent kingdom.

    Perhaps the first decision for the independent Kingdom of Scotland will be to either throw out the monarchy who are legally supposed to be the protectors of our sovereignty but who obviously have neglected their duties.

    However, that will be a decision for the legally sovereign people of the Kingdom of Scotland to decide.

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