Tuesday, 5 June 2018

You wait for a bus, then two come at the same time!

The SSP are throwing their toys oot thir pram, thir wee mannie Fox is in a huff cos naebody askit him to contribute to the recent, SNP sponsored economic report;  it's the end of any chance for Scottish independence, ever. (Pick a Unionist media outlet of your choice to confirm)

Aye right!

Fox and his SSP comrades on the hard left have not a single MSP, Scotland does not vote for them except in penny numbers, they and the other hard left splinter groups constantly generated can not even agree within themselves on anything and split more often than an amoeba with dysentery, as they revel in their dystopian arguments between Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism or any other "ism' that is flavour of the momment around the left wing chattering classes. Everyone else is moving on, "All Under One Banner" and they have managed to miss both buses because both have drivers sitting on the right and they can not thole that, no way, they need a bus with the driver on the left and it better be a LGTB bus driver an aa'. The driver better be a member of a union or the SSP will not be getting on any bus nor if the driver is a member of any union they happen to think is too right wing, no siree. OK, some will get on the bus but only to harrangue the driver about how badly they are being repressed by the union, employer or the bus itself.

This sinking sand based thinking from Fox and Co is manna from heaven for the Unionist media and, as a result, Labour's Scottish Numpty of the Week comes up with an amazing master plan to finally rend Scotland back from the SNPEEE and back into the clutches of the Unionist Labour Party. Sadly it is the same plan trotted out by the previous three Scotch Labour Numpties of the Week "Federalism". An idea which has not simply been kicked into the long grass by the actual Labour Party executive but booted so hard it was last seen sling shotting its way around the moon, heading for the giant Welsh gas planet, Kinnock352, some where out by Alpha Centauri.

Yes you may, by now, have guessed dear reader I am irked at the absolute garbage which is being printed about an SNP economic report which has yet to be discussed, dissembled and generally kicked around by SNP Branches, then sent back to HQ, returned to the SNP branches with ammendments, fed to the branch secretary's dog, lost in a peat bog for two months then be motioned and counter motioned to death at SNP constituency meetings across Scotland in a manner which will make the procedural operations of the Vogon Civil Service look as if they are a fast working organisation.

Here's the real questions nobody is actually asking:
  • What is the purpose of a nation's wealth?
  • Who actually creates the wealth of a nation?
  • How, when we create that wealth, do we distribute it with equanimity?
Now hang me for an idiot but without serious thought about these key questions just how can we get around the constant polemics between the command economy of the left or the unrestricted capitalism of the right so the actual people of Scotland can be heard rather than the pontifications of this or that left / right think tank or report?

The answers are pretty obvious:
  • To ensure the country is properly funded to meet its citizens core needs and expectations
  • We all do, whether its the person who pushes the button to make the thingymybob go round at one end or the entrepreneurs who take the big risks to turn ideas into businesses and create actual workplaces at the other
  • We go back, read, fully digest and start to apply what Adam Smith's great treatise on the social, organisational and fair distribution of the wealth created by a nation actually tells us about human nature and hard cash, in both companion volumes we now know as the "Wealth of Nations". We do this in a non paternalistic but inclusive way and maybe, just maybe, we can create a modern "New Lanark" that best fits our needs, expectations and aspirations for a  modern Scotland which is an inclusive, fair, wealthy and outward looking independent nation.
While the answers to the questions I posed appear simplistic, the how we make it happen is not. There are fiscal vested interests to addressed, there are fears to be removed from the corporate and civil arenas, there's the Scottish curse of "aye been" to climb over then batter into submission and politicians of all colours and persuasions to be constantly reminded just who are their masters and who they actually serve, the Sovereign People of Scotland.

Oh, and let's leave all the media ramjamwhamfry to Unionists and the inward looking, hide bound theorists on the left or right of the independence movement whether it is a Colin Fox or a Mathew Fry, we need our energies to make positive progress with our collective aims and objectives.

We have a new nation to build and not just a rehash nation of failed and failing ideas, economic whims, fashions and dated political ideologies. We need to talk to each other in quiet words and listen properly to all the voices in the discussion with our eyes, ears and our hearts. This is the only way to start to create the "How will we make it happen?". This process is going to be hard work; after all if you put a Scot in an empty room, they will happily start an argument with themselves and end up leaving blood on the walls. We only have to engage with 5 million odd of these cantankerous buggers to make our new nation a reality.

This is my start.

Damn, just missed the second bus.


  1. Brilliant piece, spot on and timely. It deserves to be widely read, digested and acted upon :-)

  2. Yes Peter let's listen to ALL these super duper penniless ar**wipes who have successfully ran a countries finances and made them into world leaders . As the saying goes (possibly ),you can ask 10 economists their opinions and plans for financial competence , and you will receive 16 different answers .

  3. Yes Peter let's listen to ALL these super duper penniless ar**wipes who have successfully ran a countries finances and made them into world leaders . As the saying goes (possibly ),you can ask 10 economists their opinions and plans for financial competence , and you will receive 16 different answers .