Saturday, 30 June 2018

Cat on a hot tin roof

It is 0230; the temperature is around 16C in Kirkcudbright, I am hot and sticky, can not sleep and I am probably not alone across Scotland with my heat induced insomnia.

I just checked today's news streams which read:
  • The EU is fed up with the UK's continuing failure to come up with a concrete negotiating position whether on Gibraltar or the Irish Border
  • Airbus, Nissan, BMW, Honda confirm they are not joking about shutting down their UK operations on Brexit
  • Scotland's tax payers are expected to cover the £5 million Trump's visit to play golf at Turnberry or what ever is going to cost Police Scotland - as if we actually want him here
  • The Tories are running a 'black' slush fund that makes Rajoy's Spanish slush fund look impoverished
  • The Tories admit they have ripped off Scottish hill farmers, spending the hill farmers specified EU funding to buy votes in England
  • The UK economy is flat lining
  • May wanted to talk about anything but Brexit at the EU summit
  • Her Foreign Secretary did a runner, again, this time to avoid the Heathrow vote
  • Jeremy "I abstain" Corbyn now admits the recent bill which his party sat on their hands in Westminster is a power grab from the Scottish Parliament
  • Harley Davidson are moving production to the EU to protect their European business from Trump's EU trade sanctions, ironically designed to bring work home to the USA
  • The lunatics in the Tory Party asylum still believe Brexit is going to be good for the UK economy with all these amazing trade deals with Trump's isolationist and ever more fascist USA, never mind the quality, feel the width
  • Jim Sillar's still does not appear to able to undestand he is yesterday's man
  • The GMB Union appear to be happy to destroy jobs at the BAE Scotstoun shipyard, if it makes the SNP look bad
  • NHS Scotland is in crisis, according to Mr Corbyn; but he appears to be unable explain what the actual crisis in Scotland is, given the absolute chaos currently wrecking NHS England, a dismantling process started by his own party with its internal market lunacy, trusts and quangos and underfunding by Westminster
  • The "How now Brown Vow" has been decried by its author
These are just the headers which have caught my eye.

Now please can anyone explain as this is the state of the UK, in the throws of a Brexit which Scotland did not vote for, by a government we did not vote for, while being dragged ever further right into Trumpland and becoming a defacto state of the USA by default (as made perfectly clear by the current arse licking of May et al to Trump) why is Scotland, getting the hell out this dystopic UK Parliamentary Union, is such a bad idea?

Maybe it is the heat but it is a "no brainer" for me.

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