Monday, 18 February 2013

J' accuse: The Guardian

If the truth is so important to the Guardian why is it when it is a New Labour politician being 'whistleblown' the Guardian editorial team goes quiet?

If the truth is so important to the Guardian just why does it continue to peddle Westminster propaganda statements from New Labour as 'fact'.

The Guardian, like its metro-centric media pals, only sees the 'truth' through the prism of Westminster and has, is and will continue to collude in ensuring 'bad news' does not get out, especially if it is embarrassing to New Labour.

Maybe the Guardian can explain away New Labour's continued support for the 'Bedroom Tax'? According to multimillionaire Anas Sawar (New Labour Glasgow) there is nothing wrong with the bedroom tax, the fault lies with everyone else but Westminster MP's for allowing this crass piece of legislation to see the light of day. In Scotland he and Lamont are blaming the current Scottish Government for not building enough one bedroom 'social housing' as the problem behind the impact this tax will have on the already vulnerable in our society. This from a New Labour party that between 1999 and 2007 built 8 'social housing' units in Scotland while selling off council homes left, right and centre - in the mean time returning £1.5 billion of Scottish pocket money.

The Guardian has no right to be so 'po faced' about 'whistle blowers' as it sees the 'truth' only from a positon of its own political and editorial advantage.

Currently the Guardian is trying to sell us Harold MacMillan's 'One Nation' conservatism as Milliband's great new idea - except it was tried between 1957 and 1963 and ended with a Labour Landslide. Then there is the Guardian's tacit support of New Labour's privatise the NHS in England plan couched as it is in the stench of 'greater efficiency' of private companies when the real cause of the problems NHS England suffers from are firmly imbedded in New Labour's PFI scam which is simply another tax payer subsidy to the banks. A NHS PFI scam made worse by the impact on PFI costs of the LIBOR rate fixing which happened on Darling and Osbourne's watch and has increased NHS England's PFI costs by 25%.

You do not need 'whistle blowers' to find all this out, you simply need integrity and then ability to undertake detailed research - something sadly lacking in a Westminster village which is 'Aa fir coat an' nae knickers'.

 According to the Guardian 'facts are sacred' .... except when they embarrass New Labour.

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