Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Message in a bottle ..

Up here in too stupid Scotland we are seeing this clutching at gas and new nuclear straws by Westminster as yet another Union benefit we would rather not have. Helping subsidise Nuclear to the tune of £50 billion for an energy source we do not need while paying more for energy sources we have in surplus.

When it comes to gas, Scotland consumed 64 Twh while exporting 378Twh - 6 times more than we consumed. So we are going to be forced to pay more for an energy source we have a surplus of simply to fund 'Nuclear' and pull England's butt out the fire caused by Westminster's failure to act on an energy gap that has been clear since the impact of the 2008 collapse of the National Grid in London and the South.

Scotland also exports around one quarter of the electricity it generates, again mainly to the rest of the UK. In 2009, Scotland generated 51 TWh of which 12 Twh was exported. This is increasing as new sources of renewable energy come on stream - yet we pay more per unit for our electicity than the SE courtesy of National Grid charging which is in reality a further subsidy to London and the south.

As for light crude exports - lets just pull a blanket over that while asking why in an energy rich country like Scotland over 60,000 families are in fuel poverty and petrol per litre is cheaper in London than Perth.

Maybe you can now answer the question, 'Why does Westminster wants to hold onto us 'subsidy junkie' Scots?' The answer appears to be, without our energy resources and reserves, England is screwed in both the short and medium term - so England should get fracking before its too late.

The bottle? Well, if we stop exporting energy to England it is the only way they can get the message. I'm just off to the Mull of Galloway to throw it in, should be in Morcambe Bay within 48 hours, if I get the tides right.

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