Saturday, 2 May 2015

Failed Political Evolution ....

Most of the UK Electorate has recognised the modern, focus group by the nose, plutocratic, Westminster main parties have much in common with an ancient animal; the Lancelet - having a small, poorly developed brain with just the suggestion of a spine.

This is confirmed by the difficulty in telling each species apart as the both say the same things such as 'a vote for the SNP is a vote for the other party' or 'Trident is vital, more vital than reducing poverty in the UK or keeping the English NHS going.'

The real killer which reflects the parties Lancelet primitive brain and lack of spine is their vote to hike their own pay by 11% while both agreeing the cutting of funding for UK public services by £62 billion initially then agreeing another £12 billion cut on top in January 2015 while spending £100 billion on a Trident system the USA would prefer we do not buy because its running costs are wrecking our conventional forces capability, a capability which is more important to NATO.

Throw in the lies and uncosted sweeteners both sides are bandying around in the manner of Rotten Borough politicians and is it any surprise the biggest urge amongst the UK electorate is to give the main parties an electoral 'two fingered' salute.

In Scotland the two fingered salute looks increasingly likely to drive the Libdems to extinction along with the Tories while reducing Labour's 'Scotch' MP's to meeting in the back of a London cab.

American style 'hate politics' of a Crosby or a McTernan is not working. I do not think I am putting my head over the parapet here, just maybe the SNP are popular because they are actually listening to their electorate's needs and expectations rather than pretending everything will be OK - as long as the other bunch do not get in. To paraphrase Lord Foulkes - worse, the SNP are doing this deliberately. 

As for the Lancelet? 

Well it survived both the toxic seas and asteroid strike extinction episodes by living in the mud at the bottom of shallow seas and is in much the same evolutionary state as it was some 250 billion years ago -  bit like the Labour and Tory Party policies they are flogging us along with a dead horse or two.

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