Sunday, 17 May 2015

My one wish is ...

I have just finished reading 'Child 44', a novel about a serial child killer rampaging across the post war Russian landscape. Children, whose deaths and abuse at his hands, are being ignored by the State as it does not fit with the State's view of Russia and where serial murders of children only happen in the decadent West. A few local homosexuals and mentally deranged men are shot as a form of appeasement to local communities but the idea it is just one man is an anathema to the 'authorities'.

The film of the book has upset Mr Putin, supposedly, because of its overt criticism of 'Uncle Joe' Stalin's repressive regime by highlighting the societal failure, the divisions of wealth and privilege such a system of fear and repression creates. Mr Putin fails to support Nikita Kruschev's condemnation of Stalin's regime which is mentioned at the end of the book and sees the maligned hero and heroine of the book rehabilitated by the new order. Anyone who has read Solzhenitsen's 'Gulag Archipelago' will consider Mr Putin as being highly sensitive or in complete denial on the nature of Stalin's excesses and the deaths Stalin's policies caused amongst the Russian 'kulaks' in the 1930's famines which swept Russia.

Yet as we mock at Mr Putin's verbal panegyrics over Stalin, closer to home we see the same apparatus of the UK State in denial about equal unpleasantness amongst its 'grandees' and 'establishment' as the Westminster paedophile cover up continues on its slimy and grease way.

In the last year we have seen known child abusers, who were involved in the supply of young people to Dolphin Square and the Elm Guest House, sent to jail for their own abusive crimes but no mention made of their supply of children to the Westminster paedophile ring, highlighted in the 1994 'Jillings Report', in the charges brought against them. The British Establishment are playing Stalin's game of throwing a few known criminals to the court process in an attempt to shut down the hue and cry over the real failure, to bring the high level abusers to account.

The same British Establishment has had its cover blown when Lord Tebbitt let slip in a TV interview that the paedophile cover up had been agreed by Mrs Thatcher in the early 80's because a few 'bad eggs' could not be allowed to bring down the British Establishment, the cover up was for 'the greater good'. The same lie as Stalin and his Chekists would parrot as justification for what ever system of repression or mass murder they were undertaking. At the end of 'Child 44' the author has one of his character's humorously suggest Stalin had died because he had recently pogromed all the top doctors in the Soviet State and there was no doctors with sufficient skills left to save him.

It appears the original Tory cover up was as equally Stalinist in its shutting down or obstruction of all police investigations with respect to Dolphin Square and the Elm Guest House, culminating in Home Secretary's, Leon Britain, alleged destruction of evidence portfolio's handed to him by MPs concerned about the levels of child abuse complaints related to the British State in the early 1980's. As a serving Naval Officer, of this period, I find it incredulous that MI6 was not monitoring these abusive activities by senior members of the British Establishment given the potential for the KGB's turning of high ranking MP's and others, such as judges and senior civil servants, who are allegedly involved. Naval Officers were carefully briefed about known KGB 'honey trap' activities prior to shore visits across Europe and up until the mid 1990's I would have had to seek permission from Naval Intelligence to visit any part of the old Soviet Block.

Yet we are supposed to believe there is nothing to see here, there was no security risk or breach, none of those senior members of the British Establishment were turned by the KGB on finding out about their proclivities for underage boys and girls?

As a sop to the growing concern amongst the UK public and the testimony of those who were abused, the UK public are being thrown a few crumbs in the aftermath of the exposure of Saville, Cyril Smith and the rest as serial child abusers. It is notable the senior British Establishment names coming to the surface are either dead (Fairbairn, Morrison, Hall and Britain) - or allegedly senile (Lord Janner). In the meantime the Tory's are beavering away with legislation to prevent any investigation into the scandal reaching members of the Royal Family.

All this before anyone in the British Establishment or the media gives 'too hoots' for the young people abused by these 'men of importance', or the trauma and psychological damage these abusers have caused them.

My one wish is this:

The SNP group at Westminster put every legitimate pressure on the 'Establishment' at Westminster to  come clean and compensate all those people who, as young men and women, have been victims of this abuse of power and privilege by the powerful and privileged. Openly accept this abuse by members of the British Establishment has happened, name names - no matter how 'senior' or how embarrassing this will be for the self same 'British Establishment'.

In Scots Law all are equal before the law and subject to it. According to Magna Carta fans the same is true for English Law, not even the English Royal family are above the law. It is time to demonstrate to the UK electorate that our parliamentarians at Westminster take this right of equality before the law seriously and ensure all parties involved in this sordid and evil tale of child abuse are investigated without fear or favour and not just the disposable minions or the deceased are exposed.

Failure to expose this deep seated corruption and cover up  sees the Westminster parliamentary system condemned as being no better than Stalin's Politbureau and equally as repressive, corrupt, self ingratiating and self serving. The Westminster Parliament has already been kicked out of the 'last chance saloon', in my eyes, this is one final attempt to recover it from the shit pit which it finds itself already half submerged in.

In doing so the SNP will win the respect of the UK electorate and drive the reform of the failed Westminster Parliamentary system or bring about the end of the Union, depending how Cameron and his Tories respond.

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  1. Lets hope so, but the 'establishment' will do anything to stop this getting out anymore than we have already been allowed to hear about. Justice will be done, it has to, as you say, westminster is already on a shoogly peg. The electorate are seeing through the lies and corruption, slowly, but better than not at all.