Friday, 8 May 2015

One Nation ... who is Cameron kidding?

Scotland voted centre left, social democrat - returning 56 SNP MPs - rejecting Cameron's austerity message with over 50% of the total Scottish vote cast.

Even if Scotland had returned 56 Labour MPs we would still have ended up with the Conservative Government England voted for.

England is now going to suffer the effects of voting Tory while the devolved parliaments use their funding to ameliorate the worst of the Tory excesses by covering bedroom tax, protecting their NHS from the stupidity being heaped on England's NHS. As a result the English electorate will claim 'Its not fair; bloody Taffs and Sweaty Jocks; how come they are not suffering the crap public services we now are?'

Cameron and his Tories' role in the further destruction of England's public services will be hidden behind the smoke screen of 'Subsidy Jocks' and 'Whiny Taffs' as Boris plays his 'Ajockalpse Now' meme to the full.

What five more years of the Tories means for the whole UK, along with increased poverty, homelessness, suicides and NHS crises in England, is another five years of the English being told it is all the Welsh and Scots fault and how hard done by they are by a compliant London media, all because they do not have their own 'parliament' - a media uncritical and unquestioning of ministerial and party political pronouncements as they live inside their warped London centric bubble.

No one will ever bother to point out, England got the Tory government it voted for, made its own bed and now has to lie in it.

In the meantime the large SNP contingent will screw every concession out of Cameron they can by threatening to block UK wide bills, acts and statutes by withholding the 'considered will of the people of Scotland' without which bills, acts and statutes can not be enacted in Scotland. 
For the first time in over 300 years the 'considered will of the people of Scotland' will not be under Unionist control which raises all sorts of problems for the UK unwritten constitution - not the least the SNP are bound by Scots Law and constitutional practice which does not even recognise the English Law and constitutional practice of the 'crown in parliament'.

One nation?

Cameron is only fooling himself and the English electorate or maybe he is just talking to and about the nation of England.


  1. Cameron used the phrase "One Nation" at the beginning of his address, but then went on to talk of the nations of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In his own mind he seemed to have two different categories under his new government.

  2. Big Thumbs up.

    Blame the Jocks AGAIN

    We're off. 5 more years of tory govt AYE RIGHT.

    2016 SE must have a referendum in it surely. 100,000 SNP members will vote for it. it is our choice not WM gift.

    Peter did you notice the scale of the majorities fro SNP and the three unionists who kept their seats squeeked in with barely a 1000 majority.

    Scotland has spoken :)