Thursday, 28 May 2015

Who has got problems with the clap?

Sadly it seems a significant chunk of the Scottish electorate are buying the latest 'SNP are childish by giving folk the clap' line from the usual guardians of truth we know as the UK MSM.

They buy this line this despite a number of Labour MPs twittering what a load of old cobblers the UK MSM is spreading about the SNP's antics. The question no one is asking is just why is the British Establishment getting its venerable knickers in such a twist?

Why do the powers that be feel so 'Blattered' they have to spin puerile stuff such as 'Please, sir, they are sitting in my seat!' or a multitude of versions of the SNP 'Jockalpse Droogs' are now terrifying and bullying House of Commons old folk and their cats. These acts of wanton democracy from the 'Jockalpse Droogs' are so scary poor Diddy Cameron can not get his bills reducing the UK to a Nazi Socialist State passed so he has had to cut them from the School Governor's annual speech. Worse the 'Jockalpse Droogs' told the Headmaster Diddy had not even read the school rules properly and if they want to give someone the clap, they could go ahead and do it. To make things worse these horrible 'Jockalpse Droogs' only go on and point out all the precedents for giving folk the clap in the House of Commons.

This clearly was not meant to happen in a situation where the Headmaster of the Commons could make up the rules to suit his best pals and ignore the ones that made them look silly. It was not simply about whether you could give someone the clap but also (and more importantly) about the attempt by the Etonian gang to make changes to the school rules on the sly to stop the 'Jockalpse Droogs' from voting and spoiling the Etonian's fun. Why would anyone want to stop peasants being thrown out on the streets, their children chased by unemployed fox hunts and foreigners massacred for having the stupidity to speak differently; as for dressing in an un-British manner that was definitely a hanging offence, leaving Diddy and his pals in a state of confusion. Its OK we Etonian's are going to put hanging back on the British statute books so we can cleanse England (sorry we meant Britain, of course) of these 'men in skirts' and their infernal bag pipes once and for all. We will make an exception for Eddie Izzard as he is technically one of us Brits.

In the background the Jockalpse Droogs are being egged on by a Scottish electorate who by and large are shouting to Diddy and his pals 'We're takin' youse behind thon bike sheds fir a doin, so we are.' The threat of violence would be bad enough but to hand out the 'doin' within the lawful rules, well that is beyond the pale. So the Etonian's get their oikish friends in the British media to shout as loud as they can, as many variations of 'Its not fair, this was not meant to happen.' as they can.

All this hubris and hyperbole from the British Establishment against the SNP's MPs can only mean one thing and one thing alone, after 'winning the referendum' the British Establishment have woken up on the wrong side of the street, their head in the gutter, suffering a God awful hangover, their dicky bows and shoes covered in sick, their bums sore and no clue how they actually got there. The only answer the British Establishment can come up with is the Jockalpse Droogs slipped something naughty into their gin and tonics, so it is not our fault, Headmaster, Sir, that big boy Alex did it and ran away.

Don't you just love the smell of democracy in the morning?

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