Monday, 29 June 2015

Meaningful Silence

Fluffy Mundell is telling us as he is now Viceroy of Scotland we will just have to do what he says and we are lucky to have the almost disemboweled Smith Report for him to pick and mix from, you'll get what I say and that's it.

In the meantime Labour's fast disintegrating Scotch Branch latest, of a long line of daft ideas, was to run a dossier of SNP supporters who have used 'bad words' about Labour's Scotch fiefdom and especially about that lump of lard known as Blair MacDougal. The problem for Labour and MacDougal was many were not SNP members when they made these comments.

Cameron and the rest of his austerity loving pals are now having multiple kittens as Greece is increasingly telling the IMF and the ECB to take a hike as Greece decides its only option is to default and to hell with the consequences.

UK fracking shares saw 10% wiped off their value today after Lancashire County Council voted to refuse planning permission to frack, permission Caudrilla thought was in the bag, after hearing from experts the potential dangers of allowing fracking while pointing out the similarities to a similar geological strata in Pennsylvania which has lead to massive pollution of local aquifers with gas, oil and poisonous fracking chemicals. The council, no doubt, pondered their liability to class actions from local voters if they permitted the project to go ahead and local aquifers became polluted, having been explicitly shown the peer reviewed, scientific evidence of the scale of the environmental disaster in Pennsylvania.

So with all this Unionist lunacy on the go, all this hyperbole, all this self satire just what is a cynical writer like myself left to write about. The Unionists have become a self parody, sending themselves up at every turn with a seriousness that it beyond Pythonesque mockery.

The imminent Lord Darling could only be a character from Blackadder, completely lacking any self awareness. Murphy is now masquerading as the 'Witch of the West' angry the Sturgeon has stolen his shoes of power, as he plaintively screams, "I'm melting!". The only response Murphy's 'Odd Couple' bag carriers appear to have is as any form of help is a 'parp on the Tuba' or whining about their pay off being too small.

Until such times as I can find some form of humour in the current goings on, I think I will hold a meaningful silence as it is impossible satirise, such dire satire.


  1. I hope you're not silent, for long. Always an interesting read, with a masterful use of language.

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  3. You might not receive many comments against your Blog posts Peter, but your pieces are always interesting and are required reading by me at least. Keep up the good work.

    Little humour in the situation certainly, but a lot of anger. You wonder if they are trying to provoke civil unrest?

    n.b. correcting a typo.